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silentsomersault ✭✭

People who've never read the book; try to figure the premise of the book purely from this image.


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  • People who've never read the book; try to figure the premise of the book purely from this image.
    June 29
    • Gouchnox
      erm... acid trip?
    • Vini
      Something something creation versus evolution.
    • Diesel0307
      Somebody farts though a doorway, causing a tornado. This tornado destroys the planet, which awakens the Gods Of The Universe. An effort is made by them to create a new world filled with mythical life, while constantly being thwarted by space animals.
    • Jarr2003
      It looks like some sort of mythological story with elements of Egyptian mythology in it, judging by the sarcophagus in the bottom. It appears as if the moon is moving in front of the sun, suggesting that a solar eclipse is an important part of the story. The cloaked figure is likely an important character in the book (possibly representing death or the Egyptian god Osiris, as death is typically represented with a black cloak, though this might be unintentional. The fact that a sarcophagus, something also very closely related to death is on the cover, however, supports the idea that death might also be an important part of the story) though I have no idea what role the figure might fill. As for the monsters, I honestly don't know. However, following the Egyptian themes the book seems to have, it's possible that the monster that appears to be looming over the sarcophagus is supposed to be the Egyptian goddess Ammit, who was said to eat the hearts of impure people after death. I'm far from certain about that, though. The bird thing in front of the moon probably has significance, but I can't say for certain.

      Overall, I theorize that the premise is that some sort of important solar eclipse is happening. This solar eclipse might in some way open the door between the living and the dead (making it the "wind in the door)." The Egyptian gods, most notably Osiris and Ammit, react to the event, but I am uncertain about what their opinions about all of this would be.
    • itsIndy
      good sir, please form a two-dimensional quadrilateral known as a, and I quote, "square," and please kindly have it face in the in the upwards direction
    • Jarr2003
      I googled the plot for the book, and if the wikipedia article is in any way accurate, I was way off. :P
    • Brainstorm
      Does it talk about souls?
    • Billabo
      I know it's one of the sequels to A Wrinkle In Time, so maybe something about time travel? idk, I think my mom read the first book to my brother and me but I can't remember anything about it.
    • silentsomersault
      I didn't expect itsIndy to make a snark response that secretly relevant.
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    June 29
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    June 26
  • Littlewizeguy
    yo should people stop with the edgy alts they're pretty annoying tbh
    June 25
  • itsIndy
    You are an inspiration to me
    June 24