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  • Re: The Non-Cheaters Thread

    I'm just swapped Dragon Flight for Breath of Milk and got a 31% CPS increase which is nice. This goes well with Radiant Appetite as a second Aura with Golden Switch on.

  • Re: The Non-Cheaters Thread

    I don't follow bob.

    I used to wait until the next ascension gave me a 10% boost, but now I'm waiting for a 20% boost. To do that, I need to wait until my legacy is enough. For instance, my prestige level is around 57 million. IIRC, my legacy would have to be 5.7 million to get a 10% increase on my next ascension.

    Where does 'continuing at 0% increase' come from?
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  • Re: The Non-Cheaters Thread

    I think I recall reading that Javascript code can only count to a certain figure, which leads to infinite cookies.
  • The Non-Cheaters Thread

    Is anyone else playing this vanilla without using any cheats or auto clicker etc?

    I'm 2,700 hours in with 9 ascensions. My CPS is 15 septillion.

    Edit: (math was way off) I usually ascend whenever I get over 10% my HC (currently 3 million) which seems to take about 4 days atm.

    I just leave Cookie Clicker open awhile browsing now with Golden Switch on and let the 12 Wrinklers do the work. I pop them every 12 hours to get around 20 nonillion a day. If I'm bored I use Elder Covenant to appease the grannies and wait for some Frenzy / Dragon Flight combos.

    I'll call the game completed when I get infinite cookies. Is that at 100 decillion?

    How far are you into the game?
  • Re: The Non-Cheaters Thread