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  • Re: Roast me!

    first, marinate in vinegar and basil. preheat the oven at 220C while you chop carrots, onions and shitake. add half a cup of butter in the frying pan, once it melts, fry the cut stuff gently pouring soy sauce and garlic powder while mixing.
    put the marinated in the platter previously coated in olive oil, then add the fried veggies on the top. cover with foil and let it bake for 45 minutes. take off the foil, let it bake for more 2 minutes. voila! it's well roasted
  • Re: Funny quotes

    and when there was no wine left, the mother said: there is no wine (John 2:3)
  • Re: Can't be unseen

    teach me sempai

  • Re: Sugar Lumps

    Cookie clicker is a life style.

    You come here, open the dor, sit and have some cookies... BAM!!!
    You got the Cokie clicker fever, you won't stop EVER again. You are not a casual anymore, you even came to the basement to check our forum.

    The lines of indecifrable CClanguage stored in an email message, txt file or evernote entry will be part of my will, and my grand kids will say, bursting into tears:

    "Grampa left me a fully achieved Cookie Clicker save, I didn't know he cared so much"

    And then familiy would gather in the living room, near the fireplace and just conteplate the old laptop in the center, producing cookies with the power that could be only achieved by grampa's sweat, tears and procrastinating.

    Then the kids would say:

    "what are a year and a half compared to a legacy?"