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  • Re: Has the question of best building distribution been resolved?

    You can't get Dragonflight off Force the Hand of Fate at all, and if you have that aura set, you can't get Click Frenzy
    Dragonflight aura does not stop Click Frenzy.
    Clarification: You can't get Click Frenzy from Force the Hand of Fate if Dragonflight is set.
  • Re: Suggestions to rebalance Grimoire magic regen rate

    I guess there's technically a max level, which would be the maximum value for the type of variable which levels are stored as. (Or perhaps the maximum value before precision is lost if they're stored as floating-point numbers rather than integers.)

    And reading through the code, levels are actually stored as strings, which are then read using the "parseInt" function. (Though the coding's a bit bad because no radix is specified.) So I guess the maximum is the maximum integer value that can be so returned.
  • New shadow achievement

    I'm going through a Born Again run on a new game to get the achievements you can only get there before I proceed with regular ascensions, and I've decided to do True Neverclick and Hardcore in the same run.

    I think there should be a shadow achievement for getting Neverclick and Hardcore in the same run (and another for getting True Neverclick and Hardcore in the same run). The former could possibly be a regular achievement, but it seems really tedious.
  • Re: What is your stats in the game?

    So far, never used the Godzamok combo either. (Can't work out how to if I'm honest.)
    Set Godzamok in Diamond.

    Keep your building purchase setting on Sell All.

    When you hit, at minimum, Frenzy+Click Frenzy, hit the Golden Switch and sell (at a minimum) all your Cursors. Click like mad. Then rebuy lots of Cursors, sell them all again, rebuy the Cursors again, sell them all again, click like mad. Continue clicking until the Click Frenzy runs out. Once the Frenzy runs out, hit the Golden Switch again.

    You can also do stuff by checking Force the Hand of Fate and savescumming to set a Click Frenzy as the outcome. (Or perhaps an Elder Frenzy, which you can get off Wrath cookies from Force.) Then you fire that off whenever you have Frenzy+Building boost or Frenzy+Elder Frenzy. (I think Elder Frenzy on its own isn't quite worth it because it's so short.) To cycle forward past less good results on FtHoF, use your cheapest spell (other than Gambler's Fever Dream) for minimal recharge time. (The only result other than Click Frenzy and Elder Frenzy that I'd keep on FtHoF is Sweet, which is very rare but possible.)
  • Re: 355/356 (99%) upgrades

    Wait, so does this mean you've gotten over 300 sugar lumps and gotten everything to level 10 already?
    Upgrades, not achievements.

    (And the threshold's 365.)