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  • Different types of wrinklers (Wrinklerology) The Study of Wrinklers

    Wrinkler #1: The Wrinklercabra
    A territorial wrinkler that kills any other wrinklers on the big cookie. When popped, multiplies the normal amount you would normally get from a wrinkler by 1-15x (note that this effect could be buffed or nerfed). So take a chance shall you? And to clear up misconception, the first wrinklercabra there kills the other wrinklercabras. 5% chance to spawn and cuts off 60% of your cps.

    Wrinkler #2: The Mother Wrinkler
    A big wrinkler that takes up the space of 2 wrinklers but lays eggs and grows a variety of wrinklers every 2-5 minutes. A good way to farm a certain wrinkler your looking for such as a shiny or a wrinklercabra. Decent for active play players! When popped, she gives the normal amount. 10% chance to spawn and cuts off the amount of cps 2 wrinklers normally would.

    Wrinkler #3: Sugar Wrinkler
    A sweet wrinkler that has a 20% chance of giving a sugar lump, 5% chance to spawn.

    Wrinkler #4: Wrinkler elemental
    A wrinkler that is always changing itself into different forms. 0.5% chance to spawn

    Various forms are: Electric, Fire, Ice, Water, Wind, Darkness, Holy

    Electric: When clicked, gives buff (Lightning Fast Metabolism: makes wrinklers digest 100% more food in the next 10 seconds)

    Fire: Pops all your wrinklers

    Ice: When clicked, gives debuff (Frozen Stomach: makes wrinklers digest -50% more food in the next 10 minutes)

    Water: 50% chance to spawn 2 elemental wrinklers, 50% to give nothing

    Wind: A tornado sends a bunch of wrinklers on to your big cookie, making them eat a lot and pop automatically in 5 seconds, giving 12 hours worth of cps!

    Darkness: Removes all the cookies from your bank

    Holy: makes upgrades and building 25% cheaper for the next 20 seconds.

    PS: There will be a wrinklerpedia book after discovering a wrinkler to explain all of this stuff to you!