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  • Re: strategies

    It's a policy, not a strategy.
  • "Elder battalion" changes things dramatically

    I've been playing for some time now with Breath of Milk active. A couple of hours ago though I decided to switch to Elder Battalion, since a rough calculation showed me that it would give me more CpS than BoM, enough to make it worth sacrificing 100 cursors and 100 grandmas to unlock it. (Radiant Appetite is better still, but I do not yet have enough prisms to unlock it.)

    I expected this to affect my subsequent purchases somewhat, since the boost from EB depends on the number of buildings, not the value of them or their production rate. One extra farm gives the same benefit as one extra prism. What I was not prepared for was the scale of the change. I try to maintain my holdings so that the time cost of each new building is about the same for each type, by each time buying the one with the best value.

    Before activating EB, this time cost was about 2 million seconds for each type of building.

    On activating EB, the time cost of a farm dropped to 21 seconds!!!!!

    In other words the incremental value of buying a farm increased by a factor of nearly 100,000! Other "early" buildings - mines, banks, factories - were similarly affected, though not as much. The time cost of high buildings like AC's and prisms remained about the same.

    The upshot of this of course was that I immediately bought dozens of the smaller buildings, working towards restoring the balance. This in turn unlocked an avalanche of upgrades and achievements. After a couple of days during which I did almost nothing in the game, mainly because I was waiting to afford Kitten Managers, suddenly everything is happening at once.

    I'm sure most players realise that switching from one aura to another changes the relative values of things, but they may not have realised just how massive the change is. I expect something similar to happen when I eventually activate Radiant Appetite, except it will be the other way round; larger buildings will rise in value, and smaller ones will drop dramatically.
  • Re: Maybe possibly background music?

    Appropriate CC soundtrack, if there was one, would have to feature songs by Urban Cookie Collective and Limp Biskit.
  • Re: Buy 10x/100x

    Just be more carefull. It's usefull to buy as many as you can afford of something.
    Can be, but it's not always advisable. If you have almost enough cookies to buy a time machine, you're probably better off waiting for that than spending what you have on mines or temples. Of course that depends on the current unit cost and current cpS of each.

  • Re: Buy 10x/100x

    On further reflection, I'd be happy to not have the Buy/Sell x10/x100 options; I think they are more trouble than they are worth. When playing the game rationally, there are very few occasions where I would want to buy 10 buildings at a time, let alone 100, and in those rare situations it's not that much trouble to click 10 times or 100 times.

    It might be different if there were discounts offered for bulk purchases, say if you could buy 5 of a building with one click at current price, as distinct from each one costing more than its predecessor. There's a idea - I might make a separate suggestion based on that concept.