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  • Re: Game slows down when it's in the background

    Are you guys 100% sure that the game "runs slow" when it's not in focus? My hypothesis is that the CpS is unaffected. The animation (which includes the counter display) may slow down when CC is not the current primary process in focus; if so, that's what is supposed to happen, to save on processor activity. It should happen if Defocus is on, and it may happen anyway depending on your particular operating system. This shouldn't affect cookie production though, because the game does not need to do its calculations every frame; it can simply calculate the current number of cookies at any time by multiplying the CpS by the time elapsed since the last calculation.

    Have you tried leaving the game running for a set time in the main window, noting how many cookies were produced in that time, and then repeating the experiment with the game minimised or in a hidden tab? I'd be very surprised if the numbers did not match.
  • Sacred cow(s)

    Here's an idea for a new feature: Sacred Cows. Or maybe just one would be enough, Perhaps it could be one of the final achievements on the Ascension screen.

    A Sacred Cow produces... what else but... Milk! Milking the cow could be done by spending a sugar lump, sacrificing buildings or some other thing that involves a penalty. There would have to be a minimum time restriction between successive milkings, because the cow takes time to produce more milk. This milk would go into the reservoir along with the milk gained from achievements, and would therefore add to the power of the kittens.

    While on the topic of milk, I think it would make more sense to show the amount of milk in litres rather than %. I find the % figure meaningless. % of what?

    I can think of further possibilities: enhancements/upgrades to the cow to increase milk production, such as Grazing Fields of Elysium, or Pampered Menial.
  • Re: For you, what is the funniest thing at the news ticker?

    I have an idea people are making some of these up. Some of them I definitely have never seen on the news ticker.
  • Re: Ooh, Shiny!

    He hasn't got the emerald wrinkler yet... maybe he'll return and post when he gets that one. ;)
  • Re: Post your game codes!

    This one is from 1174 hours' play and with 22 heavenly upgrades - maybe that's close enough for you?