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  • Re: Post your game codes!

    This one is from 1174 hours' play and with 22 heavenly upgrades - maybe that's close enough for you?

  • Re: Krumblor the dragon

    Funny how the first time you get Radiant Appetite it seems such a milestone. After a few ascensions you get blase about it. I find that I'm a couple of minutes into the run, happily buying 100 of this, 100 of that, and suddenly "Oh shit, I forgot to get Radiant Appetite... " and so I get it, and buy back 100 of everything, which takes less than a minute. then it's back to buying and strategy planning in earnest.
  • Re: What is your stats in the game?

    where do u get all the christmas-stuff?
    One of the items on the ascension screen is a "Season Switcher". Once you acquire that, the icons for Christmas season and several others will appear. All of them bring various goodies, but Christmas and Easter are the most productive.

    The Christmas season also automatically becomes active at the relevant time of year without you having to invoke the switch, and same for easter and the other seasons. However we are in a part of the year with a long dry spell between special holidays; the next one is Halloween, towards the end of October.

  • Re: What is your stats in the game?

    106 acentions :-O OMG , hehe. Decillion??? i dont even know that number, LOL
    Most of those ascensions are for "dummy runs", i.e. short runs ascending with only one extra prestige point, so as to get the achievement for 100 ascensions, I am only on the 27th "real" run.
  • Re: What is your stats in the game?

    Current stats:

    History up to the end of run 26 (currently on run 27, not counting dummy runs):