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  • Re: Post your game codes!

    MY SAVIOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Settle down. I am NOT the Messiah.
  • Re: What is your stats in the game?

    where do u get all the christmas-stuff?
    One of the items on the ascension screen is a "Season Switcher". Once you acquire that, the icons for Christmas season and several others will appear. All of them bring various goodies, but Christmas and Easter are the most productive.

    The Christmas season also automatically becomes active at the relevant time of year without you having to invoke the switch, and same for easter and the other seasons. However we are in a part of the year with a long dry spell between special holidays; the next one is Halloween, towards the end of October.

  • Re: Krumblor the dragon

    I think the occurrence of Bake Dragon Cookie where it is, is a misstep in the design of the game. It should be unlocked as soon as the dragon is hatched, at which point getting 50 of everything will be something to strive for. At present it's not unlocked until you have unlocked Radiant Appetite. Getting 50 of every building happens a LOT quicker than getting 100 prisms. By the time you have 100 prisms, production is at such a stage that after sacrificing 100 of everything it takes next to no time to buy back 50 of everything. (The cost of the first 50 is only about a thousandth the cost of the second 50.) This makes the Dragon Cookie almost an afterthought.
  • Valentine's Day - is that all there is?

    I turned on Valentine's Day about 45 minutes ago. As far as I can tell, I have all the upgrades (six bikkies) and the relevant achievement (Lovely Cookies); I do not have Starlove so there seems no advantage in staying in this season any longer, certainly not the full 24 hours. Everything worth getting can be got in a couple of minutes. Seems a rather inadequate season, rather lacking in interest, especially compared with the first one I happened to try which was the Christmas season.

    Maybe I was hoping for something more... but a lot of people have that experience on Valentine's Day I imagine. They hope for something they don't get.
  • Re: The Non-Cheaters Thread

    I don't follow bob.

    I used to wait until the next ascension gave me a 10% boost, but now I'm waiting for a 20% boost. To do that, I need to wait until my legacy is enough. For instance, my prestige level is around 57 million. IIRC, my legacy would have to be 5.7 million to get a 10% increase on my next ascension.

    Where does 'continuing at 0% increase' come from?
    What I mean by that is that if you carry on with your current run rather than ascending, you don't get any extra prestige boost yet. If you ascend right now, you will get 10% boost right away. That MAY bring forward the time at which you can ascend with a 20% boost over what you have right now.

    Or it may not. The immediate increase in prestige multiplier is offset by the fact that on ascension you need to acquire all your buildings again to get to the same level as before and get the benefit of the extra prestige. Whether it's best to ascend or to wait depends on your current numbers, and I've discussed this quite a lot - maybe too much - on other threads such as the "Best time to ascend" thread so I don't really wish to repeat it here.

    The point I was making is that your figure of 20% is just a figure plucked out of the air. My response is the same to people who always ascend at 10%, or at 50%. To ascend when your boost is 20% is one possible policy out of many, it's one perfectly feasible way of playing the game, but you haven't really given a reason why 20% is better than, say, 18%. In some circumstances it may be better, in others not.