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  • Re: Is active play dead?

    I remember when I used to occasionally play actively. It seems a long time since I had the urge to do that, apart from the short time at the start of each run until I reach Golden Switch stage. Ah, memory.
  • Re: What Dragon Aura Combo is the best

    so is it better to sell from cursors down to banks or just cursors
    At the risk of repeating myself, I think it's best to sell what you can in the time available, within reason. Other people seem to have a different opinion.

    Selling everything down to banks seems a quick and easy compromise. Selling anything below wizard towers requires scrolling down, which takes time. Selling temples and wizard towers seems risky.

    I think people are focussing too much on the lost production from the things that are sold. I would focus instead on the cost of selling and replacing them, which is really quite small. Once they are replaced, you get the production back again. Also bear in mind that if for example you sell 505 of a building and can only afford to buy back 500, you are still getting back 99% of the production you had before, even though those last 5 cost more to buy than the first 500 did.

  • Re: Any general advice? Save included.

    Yes, turn off those cursors and the falling cookies. They give me the willies!

    Seriously - I loaded your save and have not fully analysed it but there seems nothing seriously wrong with your setup. Any particular reason you have not bought Warp Drive? Perhaps you are holding out for a prism? I'd have to do the calculations to be sure, but I'm fairly certain that building upgrades are always worth buying when you can afford them, and in some circumstances it may even be worth holding out and saving for them in preference to buying more buildings. A prism gives a big boost, though, so as I said I'd have to do the maths, which I'm sure you're capable of. In case you don't know, the base CpS of a prism is 2.9 billion.
  • Re: This game isn't realistic

    I prefer nutty crunchy ones, but certain gooey ones have their place. Anzac bikkies are nice. I must say I do have pause for thought now every time I scan a 12-pack of Anzac biscuits at the SM checkout. Twelve is not very many in the context of Cookie Clicker.
  • Re: This game isn't realistic

    A computer game that does not mirror real life. Whatever next?
    Are you telling me this game is not real life?
    If it were in real life, the universe would be half-buried in cookies.
    You say that as though it were a bad thing.