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  • Re: Why Ascend?

    I wouldn't ascend for the first time without at least 119 Heavenly Chips.

    With that, I can buy:

    Legacy, Twin Gates of Transcendence, Persistent Memory, Heavenly cookies, How to bake your dragon, and Permanent upgrade slot I.

    At the very least, I would recommend at least 101 heavenly Chips, to get the first and last items on your list. the first time I played I waited far too long to ascend, not realising what a massive boost I would get from that last item.
  • Re: Question about Prestige

    ^^ My CpS at the end of my most recently completed run was about 500 times what it was at the end of the run before that. total cookies also increased by about the same factor, causing approximately an eightfold increase in prestige. So yes, this is an Upgrade with a capital U.

    When this upgrade makes it over into the live game, I intend to save my beta game, close it, and start another beta game from scratch. I want to see how these latest upgrades change the experience of the early game.
  • Re: Accumulating sugar lumps faster?

    What we need now is a metagame that produces sugar lumps, which can then be used in Cookie Clicker.
  • Re: Balencing Golden Sugar Lumps

    I would never have even known about the existence of Golden Sugar Lumps if I had not read about them on this board.
  • Re: A game genre that a leading expert once characterized as "super dumb"

    Getting way off topic here, but the above post reminds me of the Calvin and Hobbes cartoon in which Calvin's dad explains to Calvin the reason why old photos and old movies are in black and white. The reason has nothing to do with camera or film technology, he says; it's because at that time the whole world actually WAS black and white, and only started to acquire colour some time in the 1930's. "It was pretty grainy colour for a while, too."