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  • Re: Milk: Rank X

    I found the milk % display useful because my spreadsheet needs to calculate it and use it, so I often used to check to make sure my calculated % matched what was displayed in the game. If it did not, it told me that there was some achievement I had gained and had forgotten to include in the spreadsheet.

    I must say the term (percentage) always bothered me. Percentage of what? If I had written the game, I would have given it in litres. (I nearly said "would have expressed it", but I can't do that because I'm a bloke.)
  • Re: NaN Cookies!

    Somehow it seems appropriate that a game that can produce NaN cookies should involve grandmas.
  • Re: About to quit.

    That's weird. Exactly halved?

    Surely you must be able to find some feature/upgrade that has gone missing, which would explain the loss? Some people have reported spirits becoming unslotted in the pantheon when they close down and restart the game. I've found that it's possible for a slot to be empty even though it appears to be filled. A couple of times I have seen the Jeremy image in the Jade slot, but if I hovered over it the image did not jump up and down, and the popup said "Slot empty". Mokalsium can easily make a difference of a factor of 2. Check your pantheon. That's the only thing I can think of.

    If that fails, surely you must have posted one of your game codes to the site at some stage? It won't contain recent production, but it wouldn't be as bad as losing two years' worth.
  • Re: What's your favorite flavor text?

    H-bomb mining: "Questionable efficiency, but spectacular nonetheless."
  • Best pantheon configuration

    N.B. This is for idle play and refers only to obtaining the best CpS boost, it is not concerned with decrease in number of golden cookies or the like.

    In my opinion, based on tinkering with my spreadsheet and seeing the resultant change in CpS, the best arrangement is:

    Diamond slot: Mokalsium
    Ruby slot: Holobore
    Jade slot: Jeremy

    This gives a 30% improvement over the arrangement I have at present, which is Holobore/Jeremy/Mokalsium. Hence I intend to switch them around as soon as I have enough lumps.

    It's possible the best arrangement may depend on what you own, specifically on how much milk and how many kittens. Obviously the bigger the boost you are getting from milk, the more attractive this makes the Mokalsium spirit. It may be that in the early stages of the game a different arrangement may be better. Some time when I have a dull moment I'll play with the numbers and report back.

    Also in the beta version, note that Jeremy in the Ruby slot gives a 5% boost, NOT 6% as stated by the documentation. I am now 99.99% sure of this. Moreover the multiplier, as displayed on the Stats screen, does not include this 5%, though it does include the 15% from Holobore. I have not yet been able to check whether this is fixed in the new live version.