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    What if Bigfoot is blurry? That's even more terrifying to me, that there's a large out of focus monster roaming the countryside. -Mitch Hedburg
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  • Re: 2.003 Beta released

    IDK what the levels mean. I had a sugar lump to grab as soon as I refreshed 2.003 (not sure why Orteil didn't just release one update?). It has given me "one extra finger granting +1% to cursor CPS". I need two more sugar lumps to go up to level 2. I reckon level 2 will probs just increase the % boost

    EDIT: I did a ruin the game to see what the other achievements are. This adds a little bit more to the info on the levels, IDK if after 1 cursor level you go to 1 grandma or you go through all ten cursor levels before moving up to the next building.

    Here is the full (I think) list of new achievements:

    The dreams in which I’m baking are the best I’ve ever had- bake 100 undecillion cookies in one ascension
    Set for life- bake 1 duodecillion cookies in one ascension

    The proof of the cookie is in the baking- bake 1 septillion cookies per second
    If it’s worth doing, it’s worth overdoing- bake 10 septillion cookies per second

    Click (starring adam sandler)- make 10 septillion cookies just from cursors
    Freaky jazz hands- Reach level 10 cursors

    Frantiquities- make 10 septillion cookies just from grandmas
    Methuselah- Reach level 10 grandmas

    Overgrowth- make 10 quintillion cookies just from farms
    Huge tracts of land- Reach level 10 farms

    Sedimentalism- make 100 quintillion cookies just from mines
    D-d-d-d-deeper- Reach level 10 mines

    Labour of love- make 1 sextillion cookies just from factories
    Patently genius- Reach level 10 factories

    Reverse funnel system- make 10 sextillion cookies just from banks
    A capital idea- Reach level 10 banks

    Thus spoke you- make 100 sextillion cookies just from temples
    It belongs in a bakery- Reach level 10 temples

    Manafest destiny- make 1 septillion cookies just from wizard towers
    Motormouth- Reach level 10 wizard towers

    Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night- make 10 septillion cookies just from shipments
    Been there done that- Reach level 10 shipments

    I’ve got the Midas touch- make 100 septillion cookies just from alchemy labs
    Phlogisticated substances- Reach level 10 alchemy labs

    Which eternal lie- make 1 octillion cookies just from portals
    Bizarro world- Reach level 10 portals

    Déjà vu- make 10 octillion cookies just from time machines
    The long now- Reach level 10 time machines

    Powers of ten- make 100 octillion cookies just from antimatter condensers
    Chubby hadrons- Reach level 10 antimatter condensers

    Now the dark days are gone- make 1 nonillion cookies just from prisms
    Palettable-Reach level 10 prisms

    Tricentennial- Have at least 300 of everything

    Four-leaf cookie- have four golden cookies simultaeneously

    Dude, sweet- harvest 7 coalescing sugar lumps
    Sugar rush- harvest 30 coalescing sugar lumps
    Year’s worth of cavities- harvest 365 coalescing sugar lumps
    Hand picked- successfully harvest sugar lump before it’s ripe
    Sugar sugar- harvest a bifurcated sugar lump
    All natural cane sugar- harvest a golden sugar lump
    Sweetmeats- harvest a meaty sugar lump

    Bibbidi bobbidi boo- cast 9 spells
    I’m the wiz- cast 99 spells
    A wizard is you- cast 999 spells

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  • 2.003 Beta released

    Just refreshed and got 7 new cookies plus about half a dozen achievements. Many new achievement slots open as well, now get one for 350 of a given building. I now have 7 empty slots between moistburster and spooky cookies. Muy interesante!
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