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  • Re: Is active play dead?

    Not to mention that when you progress your Prestige level this high it starts to lose any real utility, as you likely have all upgrades and production-based achievements.

    The only reason I ascend any more is to grind towards the 100 Ascensions achievement, ascending every 5-10 minutes once I get at least 1 Prestige level.
    That can actually be sped up quite significantly by the following means:
    1. Octillion Fingers as permanent upgrade.
    2. Buy the hc upgrades asap.
    3. Focus solely on building Cursors, one Temple and the last three buildings.
    4. Buy all Christmas upgrades
    5. Get up to and set Breath of Milk as Krumblor buff.
    6. Put Mokalsium, Hobolore and Jeremy in the Pantheon.
    7. Now rush to 1.99hc buy buying upgrades for the last three buildings.
    8. To get as close as possible to 2hc, sell all Chancemakers near the end.
    9. Ascend, then rush to the second hc asap and Ascend again.
    Depending on your hc level I was getting close to 2hc every 90 seconds or so, averaging two Ascensions every 2 to 2.5 minutes. About two hours later you have the 100 Ascensions and can just start a regular run.
  • How viable is endgame Elder Pact in v2?

    Back in the day, in v1, the endgame strategies were pretty interesting: I closely followed the discussions between One Mind and Elder Pact (Frenzied wrinklers and Eldeers respectively). With the addition of prestige upgrades and the dragon auras the comparison changes. I've read MasterSparky's thread regarding One Mind vs Pledge with regards to clicking speed, but not how this relates to Elder Pact.

    From a personal point of view, I honestly always disliked the slow playstyle of One Mind and it seems so odd to Pledge, something that was basically not done back in v1. Also, in v2 it seems easier to sync cookies and deers due to increased spawn rates on GCs, so slightly removing the RNG component during Elder Pact. However, with the added chance of FDF I can understand One Mind and/or Pledge overtaking it.

    So, tl;dr, how viable is Elder Pact statistically compared to One Mind or Elder Pledge in v2?

  • Qoko's back from long gone!

    I made the (hopefully inconsequential) mistake of opening CC on my new rig, only nothing that v2 has been released and I'm back into it. Left v1 when updates were taking a long time and resetting revolved around basically upping your chips count by a semi-marginal amount (somewhere end 2014); but decided to give it a go for the second time. So for old Dashnet members still recognizing me (and of course anyone else that's new), hi again!