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  • Re: How viable is endgame Elder Pact in v2?

    Elder Pact playing active is bad imo, you have a 28.594% chance every cookie to get either Ruin (you lose 5% of cookies), or Clot (CPS halves without wrinklers, especially bad because you have the golden cookie), That's a 57.188% chance of landing something bad, just by being in Elder Pact actively. You could choose to not click the Wrath cookies but then you are really idling honestly.

    If you have 1 mind, the Golden cookies with more than counter the effects of the cookies or cps lost done by wrath cookies.
    This is a common misconception as Zytma stated: Elder Pact itself is a significant net gain through Elder Wrinklers and Eldeers alone. Yes, the majority of the Wrath Cookies is negative, though only one a net loss, but that's something you sacrifice whilst constantly lining up cookies and deers for Eldeers and having 12 Wrinklers running.

    However, back in v1 it was competitive with One Mind semi-active playing, as having Frenzies up with 10 Wrinklers made up for most of the RNG of Elder Frenzies; Elder Pact was slightly better if fully active.

    Though I have no statistic prove, it seems that in v2 the added chance of Dragonflight alone makes both One Mind and Elder Pledge superior though. It simply gives another chance at a Frenzy + Click Bonus, as well as adding another positive effect to Wrath Cookies in One Mind.
  • How viable is endgame Elder Pact in v2?

    Back in the day, in v1, the endgame strategies were pretty interesting: I closely followed the discussions between One Mind and Elder Pact (Frenzied wrinklers and Eldeers respectively). With the addition of prestige upgrades and the dragon auras the comparison changes. I've read MasterSparky's thread regarding One Mind vs Pledge with regards to clicking speed, but not how this relates to Elder Pact.

    From a personal point of view, I honestly always disliked the slow playstyle of One Mind and it seems so odd to Pledge, something that was basically not done back in v1. Also, in v2 it seems easier to sync cookies and deers due to increased spawn rates on GCs, so slightly removing the RNG component during Elder Pact. However, with the added chance of FDF I can understand One Mind and/or Pledge overtaking it.

    So, tl;dr, how viable is Elder Pact statistically compared to One Mind or Elder Pledge in v2?