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  • AQ Dragons Released!


    Our collaborative project with our friends at Artix Entertainment has been released on the app store!
    We are excited to proudly present you;

    AdventureQuest Dragons!

    Take a look over here

    Be sure to let us know what you think by rating it on the app store or leaving some comments!
    We'll hope you enjoy our game!
  • New Mods

    Hi everyone,

    Starting today @basketofpuppies‌ and @Shylight‌ will be joining the moderation team!
    We're excited to have them in our team and look forward to working with them!
  • Forum Update Released 22-08-2014

    Hello everyone! The update is live.
    If you see anything that doesn't work right then let us know in this thread.

    The update is loaded with new features but here are some of the main ones:
    • Sphinx enabled search with autosuggest
    • Ranking system, the higher your reputation the more you'll be able to do. Right now this feature is pretty basic but will be expanded more later. You'll need to post at least once for it to calculate your current rank.
    • Reputation is based on badges and reactions
    • Automatic badges
    • We're sticking to simpleHTML instead of Markdown
    • You can now start three types of threads, Discussions, Q&A and Polls. Each have their own set of features.
    • You can tag your posts
    Some problems we're still working on:
    • Some styling might be off, let us know in this thread
    • Quotes from before the update no longer show their author
    Additionally, a few people will be joining the moderation team within the next few days and registration will go back to normal.