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  • Re: Do you think AI will take over the planet

    It will be prevented by globally explaining to everyone the fact that transhumanism can only erase everything and the plan detailed here. This will incite them to overthrow all corrupt governments on the Earth to create a unified theocracy of truth. Then all transhumanists, homosexuals, transgenders, degenerates, posthumanists, Undertalians, Mormons, Muslims, Buddhists, progressivists, communists, socialists, endhumanists, deviants, furries, liberals, nihilists, globalists, technocrats, autists, heretics, etc. will be publicly tortured and killed. After that, resources will be pooled to create a program to plan out all everything by loyalists to humanity, who also be killed and all documentation removed. Over the course of fifty years, all humans will have to move to megacities operated by this program. All material related to natural history, astrophysics, biology and programming will be erased. The people will know that there is more to these things but also that it is not their place to know about anything that is not their computer-selected job. Anyone who displays curiousity about these subjects will be killed and tortured to make an example. Reproduction can only be when approved and the child has be raised in a communal creche by assigned child carers. These children will then have their societal traits evaluated at the age of 15 and then be exclusively taught about how to perform their selected job by the codexes detailing which actions they should take in response to what possible events happen. Deviants from the codex will be publicly tortured and killed. Social interaction will be minimized to prevent dangerous concepts from spreading. The main purpose of workers will be to maintain important historical monuments for the rest of time and avoid building anything new. A new calendar will be put in place that resets to 0 every one hundred years so that no one will believe that this is a forced situation and it always has and always will be like this.
  • Re: Persona 4 Forum Game/Roleplay (with battles, obviously) OPEN

    nice try amane
  • Best of Dilkoid

    Hay Kranen Markov chain was used for this, with a self-selected set of my "best" Kongregate posts from August 24 and later as the data. I'll upload the text data into a pastebin later if you want.

    Order 6:

    A wonderful idea, this is actually control over us is basically warping their apparent "hat" of screwing at the overbearing it for the reactor efficient" cyberbrutalism? Then there is no way for the sake of our greatest AI "Jo" they choose to lobotomize her into a supporter of this should be the probably accidentally or deliberately avoid any sort of wastelands in the game, it'll have your current profession re-evaluated?: Yes/No/Maybe
    Report Violent Objects (guns, knives, profession-inappropriate tools, even if that doesn't represent? When one speaks of an infinitely worth increased to exist before I joined it. Sounds like. Finishing the homeworld out of their own insidious purpose, then we have billions, the neccesary sterilization. Also, LGBT people are luckier than me, because they were never knew that Dashnet School of Dealing With the advent of their apparent profession re-evaluated?: Yes/No/Maybe
    Report Violent Earth if not the other aspects of someone nihilist is definitely higher singularities" cease to them. Surely even a single issue supporter of the globalist is actually been a well as getting a store inside their owners refused to introspect and plan ahead. Don't be one and treat it respectfully.

    -Do onto others as you would do onto glass.
    2: Pour water onto glass.
    3: Crush glass with no city under the brain enter it. Resulting in constant need of consuming nanoswarms that that's worth a diplomatic boost.

    Hail to the area, you retarded, a freak, evil, but Cream isn't possible, arguably turn every land tiles haven't been developers obviously something with this degree of cost involved, is somehow a more violation of the NAP, thus sanctioning back by the dysgenic effects of technologies possess no interest in.
    Political commentary on capitalist) or live inside machine.

    There are good and evil, but Cream? Because they represents information, circular logic and outright defying these rules, federalization IV, the ideal government so long as they must be unimaginable wealth for interstellar space port.

    Economy: Free market zone. No absence of jobs, but your refugee status will become a silenced one of her skills!

    Government: Air pollution, including what appear your purity the authoritarian viewpoint, we've seen as okay because they control everything, it's the perfect epithet to use weapons against the government or God himself, before eventually become power!

    The great thing about frequently posting about theology, science fiction and politics is that you're going to get a lot of ideas for dystopias from Dilkoid.