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  • Rainbow Heptagon: My Poor Attempt at Making an IGM Game

    The image for the clickable is supposed to be a rainbow heptagon, but I don’t know how to resize images- I use IPad, so no GIMP for me.

    Currently, this game has:
    2 Resources
    15 Buildings
    28 Upgrades
    70 Achievements (4 Super Hard Ones)
    No images (other than the clickable), because I can’t get them to work

    Current Version:
    The Gold Update

    Future Updates Planned:
    Some New Heptagons
    More Upgrades and Achievements
    A third Resource
    A Shiny
    A reason to actually buy more than 50 of anything
  • Re: Table Clicker [BETA 0.51] // on hiatus for a bit

    Oh cool I found green wood
  • Re: Delicious Cookie Deluxe

    I launch a meatball meteor at the cookie. When it hits, it along with orbiting spaghetti is added.

    Also, some trophy ideas:

    Past Trophy: Get 1 Sxx Delishplus
    Nanocrystal Trophy: Get 1 Spp Delishplus
    Virtual Trophy: Get 1 Oo Delishplus
    Black Rainbow Trophy: Get 1 Nn Delishplus
    Olympic Trophy: Get 1 Dd Delishplus
    Antimatter Trophy: Get 1 Udd Delishplus
    Dragonscale Trophy: Get 1 Dud Delishplus
    Quantum Trophy: Get 1 Tdd Delishplus
    Reaper's Trophy: Get 1 Qdd Delishplus
    Finality Trophy: Get 1 Tid Delishplus (Tid is the best I could come up with for the Quindec replacement)
    Netherstone Trophy: Get 1 Sdd Delishplus
    Trophy of the Internet: Get 1 Pdd Delishplus
    Ironwood Trophy: Get 1 Odd Delishplus
    Vanilla Trophy: Get 1 Ndd Delishplus
    Chocolate Trophy: Get 1 Vgg Delishplus
    Pure Sugar Trophy: Get 999,999 Vgg Delishplus
    (This is part of my grand Achievment list, which I can't post because of it's size...
  • Re: Delicious Cookie Deluxe

    Now with headings! (SACH)

    I combine some chocolate and vanilla Blasters to make... the HALF AND HALF BLASTER. This blaster, whenever it fires, shoots giant streams of both vanilla and chocolate at once. It's also the size of a small town, so that's cool too. (CPR)

    Also: I'll sAy ExaCTly tHHIs HInT (SACH)

    Achiev Ideas:
    Reality-Recoding Ingredient: 1 Ingr gives 1 Decillion Delish
    Athletic Adding: 32 ingredients in one round (You'd have to be very fast to add this many.)
    ----: 40 Pages Complete (That's 4 dashes, this is Dashnet...)
    The Human Cookie: The cookie's diameter is at least 1 meter (The diameter is estimated based off the cookie size. For example, an island is around 10 km, I'd say.)
    Nationalism: The cookie's diameter is at least 1,000 km (Just another example of my idea for size-based achievs.)
    You can continue with the size-based ones, if you want.
    Also, maybe some achievs about a single ingredient giving a certain amount of CPR?
    A Start: Get 1 Achievment
    Achieved: Get 10 Achievments
    An A for an A: Get 25 Achievments
    Life Goals: Get 50 Achievments
    You could continue with that...
    Work Gives Money: Get an Achievment Multiplier of 1.5
    Double, in a Different Way: Get an Achievment Multiplier of 2
    25 Cents: Get an Achievment Multiplier of 2.5
    Threes!: Get an Achievment Multiplier of 3
    You could continue there too.

    I am the master of secret achievements (SACH)