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Karlolin ✭✭✭✭✭

Happy 100 years, Finland!


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    I have 562 BILLION
  • DNF Drama: Part [bluh bluh huge bitches]


    [1] I don't care for people who incessantly stalk me. [2] It doesn't matter if they're "helping me" (read: effectively vomiting up the same 'depression help' results from google you get on page 1 and calling it a day) [3] or if they're "worried"; because if they actually wanted me to care about them, they would've cared about me back when that mattered. Alas, that time has long since passed, specifically at the start of February of this year when the entire community here effectively banned my main account. Frankly, it comes across more as if he's more so doing this just so he can say to others "I helped a depressed person!" and get ego/brownie points-- [4] and I'm not pulling that out of my ass because that has happened to me earlier this year, and the fucker got away with it, too. [5] And when my actual response after a long time is met with him angrily hating on me to the point of telling me to flat-out fuck off, well, jeez, I wonder why I don't want anything to do with that; it's like a massive red flag telling me "yeah, it was probably better to stay out of that".

    Now if you excuse me, I'll be heeding your advice, Karlolin, like you oh-so kindly told me to, and fuck off, and be even less active on these forums than I already was. [6] And don't act like this is coming out of nowhere, because frankly, you should have seen this one coming.

    [7] If you wanted to be my friend, you would've shown that when it mattered.

    1. I was prodding you over a couple platforms at first. Checking your status on Discord and Steam to make sure you hadn't killed yourself. I never understood why you never blocked me if you didn't like me messaging you. Or you might have, and it's just not visible to the person blocked. I don't know how it works.

    Then, a couple months after I first told you I wanted a response I began looking at your Reddit posts. It was out of pure desperation, but it was a shitty move and I hate myself for it. It gave you another, solid reason to hate me.


    "What is critical to understanding empathy in those with Asperger’s is the idea of having an appropriate emotional response to another person’s thoughts and feelings. A person may care that someone else feels hurt or pain, is confused and worried, has doubts and wants comfort, but at the same time not know how to respond in a way that fits that particular situation. This is what makes those with Asperger’s different and where the idea that they lack empathy comes from.

    Asperger’s makes it hard to know what it takes to address someone else’s concerns. The desire to respond may be there, the wish to help, to reach out and comfort may be there, however understanding how to may not. The resulting effect is, as so often occurs, the stigma of having no empathy, of being callous or unfeeling."

    Since I'm an aspie, that should clear up at least part of how I reacted as I did. How wonderfully ironic wasn't it to see that such accurate information was being presented to me as my first search result?

    3. I wanted to stay out of drama for as long as possible, but when I saw you tearing yourself apart and rampaging on the forum I felt that I had to do something. Naïve move, I know. It's been a life lesson for my part, though.

    4. Who did that? Call them out, man. There's no shame in letting the names of shitty people out.

    5. And when he actually responds to me after a long time I'm met with him making hasty conclusions about what I think, well, jeez, I wonder why I'm getting so fucking angry: it's like a massive red flag telling me "yeah, this guy is a total douchebag".

    6. I did. Miiiiiiiiiles away. Kind of my intent too. Good job there buddy. Bye-bye, and keep safe, kiddo.

    7. I tried to. You turned my disconnected but well-meaning notions a blind eye.

    So, to summarise:

    We're both shitty people who got into a shitty situation where we picked shitty options and brought ourselves into more shit. It could have been stopped but since we were both such idiots that we didn't, and so it spiralled out of control.

    Now, finito of an era. Bye, CWS. Bye-bye, Karlolin. Time to die, Dashnet Forums.
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    Social Wounds
    I'm sorry.