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The new FNaF game is actually really good


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  • Re: DashNet Forums Wikia (yet again)

    For fucks sake, why do you continue with this crap? It's always petty arguments about stupid things that don't matter. Seriously, CWS, I read Gardevoir's edits, and they weren't biased. I know this is hard for you to understand CWS, but claiming someone you don't like is ignorant on a wiki page is indeed bias. Plus, I couldn't find anything biased about Gardevoir's edits. Heck, it still seemed biased against him. The Zicit thing was not biased. He just said "Zicit bumped the thread, which caused the argument to start back up." That's not bias. That's called a fact.

    I'm honestly getting sick of this crap. It's honestly pitiful seeing you freak out over the smallest of things, just because someone you don't like did them. I'm sure if ArtificialCookie or Anon9mous edited the page and did the exact same thing Gardevoir did, you wouldn't bat an eye. Every time you get into an argument like this, the more I realize just how much of a lost cause you actually are. It's depressing.

    As for Gardevoir, you probably did something wrong during the argument, but I don't know nor care, since I don't feel like taking the time to read this argument. It's a waste of time for everybody.
  • Re: Best of DashNet 3.0 Introductory

    Well finally someone learns to ask first.

    Thank you for asking before going on with this EC
    Welp, guess Drago is still salty he lost "Best Dashnetter to become a mod."
  • Re: [nvm]

    This is the new Faster Menner, except it's not funny.