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I won't be online, but tomorrow marks the 10 year anniversary of the best god damn video on this entire website Live long, my friend


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  • Re: I have success

    okay so someone needs to get me up to date with the forums cause i have a couple questions:
    - Is there any logic behind reactions now?

    Because making a spicy comment with the intent of being funny is either agree worthy or abuse flag worthy, posting the latest animation of a very talented and hard working creator awards you a disagree, a off topic and a flag, and most people actually don't know what the word disagree means. I mean, i'm just asking to get me up to speed here. What do i have to do, say that this thread right here is the highest of quality post and totally not a troll? Do i have to stroke everyone's ego or do i have to be that one edgy teen that posts "hello" in activity and gets three awesomes? Like, it might come out as a surprise to you but i don't actually give a fuck about reactions. That being said, i know that they are the embodiment of what people think of your post, and clearly it has been shown that half of the people who click on this button don't have human thoughts. Wait, was that too offensive? Do i deserve a flag for being dumbfounded at someone in activity saying "hello" and getting three awesomes? do i go to jail now?
    someone explain me i have no fucking clue
  • Re: 2.004 Beta

    good shit. best update. hail orteil. :^)
    It literally added 2.5 features and bugfixes, calm your tits
    (granted it's really good but not best update by all means)
  • Re: Out of context

    "My brother had a bigger one..." -A friend.
    Well good for him.
    Unless we're talking about a prostate cancer, in which case I'm sorry for him.
  • Re: Binding of Isaac Afterbirth Top 10s!

    I like how you say item combinations don't matter, but having tractorbeam + conjoined does count.

    Okay so first of all if you're so butthurt about everything I say, just don't come here I won't hold it against you.
    Seconds of all this is a thread in which I explain things about the game. And turns out that, in the game, there are item combos.
    I don't count them for ranking stuff, like, I won't say Razor Blade is the best active item simply because of how it synergies with Isaac's Heart.
    Here, I was just ranking the different transformations, and then pointing out their strengths and weaknesses. And here, I pointed out that Conjoined is stronger with tractor beam.

    Like, really I don't get your problem. It seems like you don't understand the point of my posts here, and you just nitpick for the sake of it. You just look at what could be held against me, overexagarate it and then proceed to shitpost. I really dislike this attitude.

    Aaaaaalso I'm just looking back at my post and seeing that you're full of shit because I never said that in the original post. So you're really digging into invisible shit to find something to hold against me for no reason.
  • Re: Binding of Isaac Afterbirth Top 10s!

    Since you have obviously never seen a personal top 10 during your entire life let me run down the concept for you:
    You see, an interesting part about a personal top 10 is that it's personal.

    It's my fucking opinion mate.

    Also I don't understand "your personal definition of best".
    Best, adj:
    1. superlative form of good: most good.
    2. Most; largest.
    Yup, I don't know how this does not coïncide with my list but oh well, I'm only a mere mortal and I make mistakes, such as not having the same opinions as you as to what are the better items out of a 436 list.
    Also you're wrong. My definition of "worse" isn't hard/unfair or just unfair, it's "hard, unfair, enraging, thoughtless or just completely stupid". Experimental Treatment or Missingno cannot be hard or unfair, since they are purely honest and random. I guess we just entered the paradox zone.

    Thank you very much for telling me how good Sacred Heart is, I'll consider adding it to my top 10 best BIO items next time I'll make one.

    >Complaining about the order of the familiars list when I admitted I was being biased in the original post

    I didn't add the sacrificial dagger because it's basically a variation of an item that was already in the list. It's good, but not interesting to talk about. This is a god damn list of fictional companions on a depressive spammy brony cookie clicker forum. If I wanted to be 100% serious about my choices, I would not have made it in the first place.
    I pick the things I want to talk about, and the things that I know. If you disagree with my opinion, feel free to make a list of your own (cause apparently you seem to care about those way too much). That way you can have a wonderful "Top 10 list of the most unfair but not in a game-design way, more like in a purely objective way items in the binding of isaac afterbirth" that does not include curse eye and that has Kamikaze, Lemon Mishap and all the 46542 other useless spacebar items in the such. I would love to read a fully fetched and documented post like that.

    inb4 disagrees and abuse flags (also off-topics, those are the best) because I responded to your criticism with some criticism of my own.