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  • Re: bug in cookie clicker constructions dissapearing

  • Re: Out of context

    - "Wow, this game is really unforgiving"
    - "Yes, but once you understand how it works it becomes very easy"
    - "Like butt stuff"

    ~Vinny playing Sonic 3
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  • Re: Out of context


    Just imagine you don't actually know the context to that
  • Re: I have success

    okay so someone needs to get me up to date with the forums cause i have a couple questions:
    - Is there any logic behind reactions now?

    Because making a spicy comment with the intent of being funny is either agree worthy or abuse flag worthy, posting the latest animation of a very talented and hard working creator awards you a disagree, a off topic and a flag, and most people actually don't know what the word disagree means. I mean, i'm just asking to get me up to speed here. What do i have to do, say that this thread right here is the highest of quality post and totally not a troll? Do i have to stroke everyone's ego or do i have to be that one edgy teen that posts "hello" in activity and gets three awesomes? Like, it might come out as a surprise to you but i don't actually give a fuck about reactions. That being said, i know that they are the embodiment of what people think of your post, and clearly it has been shown that half of the people who click on this button don't have human thoughts. Wait, was that too offensive? Do i deserve a flag for being dumbfounded at someone in activity saying "hello" and getting three awesomes? do i go to jail now?
    someone explain me i have no fucking clue
  • Re: 2.004 Beta

    good shit. best update. hail orteil. :^)
    It literally added 2.5 features and bugfixes, calm your tits
    (granted it's really good but not best update by all means)