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  • Re: Out of context

  • Re: What's your CPS?

    My CpS is...
    Oh, yeah, I need to set up CC on this computer.
  • Re: Luri drawings

    *hasn't done anything*
    *feels like total crap*
  • Re: What Dragon Aura Combo is the best

    For passive play (golden switch on): Radiant Appetite and Breath of Milk
    Spirits are: Cow > Asceticism > Jeremy
    For active play: Radiant Appetite and Dragonflight
    Spirits are: Godzamok > Cow > Jeremy
  • Re: What Dragon Aura Combo is the best

    Thanks! but what are spirits
    Once you ascend once you get access to sugar lumps
    go on your buildings menu (the default one that never gets used) and start spending sugar lumps to upgrade buildings (1 lump a day, be conservative)
    you need to first upgrade your temples and towers (once) to unlock their related minigames
    the temple minigame allows you choose to activate three spirits out of a collection of 11 with a variety of effects
    the tower minigame allows you to spend magic (which refills with time) on spells, which have varied effects. spells will have positive effects most of a time though a 15% chance to backfire and instead produce a bad effect

    the best spirits are as i already described. make sure you never drop bellow 2/3 swaps, otherwise you're gonna have to wait a century and a half to move your spirits again
    also, when popping your wrinklers, put spirit of scon on first slot

    the best spells are force hand of fate and conjure backed goods (on a good effect combo), though conjure's backfire is a massive pain in the butt while hand's backfire is just "well it didn't work this time, no harm done", which is why i recommend only using force hand of fate whenever your mana is full