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  • New Game In The Makings - "Boxes" | (V.0.0.1 Alpha)

    I just wanted everyone know that I am still here and I am working on my Second Game Called, Boxes!
    This game is where you make boxes and the buildings are objects to help you out! Now, this game is in (V.0.01 Alpha) and it is in the very very early stages! If any of you want to join the Alpha Beta, here it is!

    Link to the Alpha:

    Now, please know this game is so early in development, it wont be balanced, and there won't be lots to do, but I am slowly working on it, little by little! Also, if you want, feel free to suggest what you want or would like to see in the game!

    Again, this game is in early development and will take time to craft into a big game like Heart Clicker!
    PS: For the Art Style of Boxes, it is Black, White, and Gray!

    PSS: At times, you might need to restart over fresh when I break the game, or i add/remove something!
    Later on down the road, there will be another official Testing Version (After the Alpha Version)

    there might even be some "Special" Boxes in the future...

  • Re: Heart Clicker (V.3.0.0)

    I have been trying my best to make it look pretty and organized

  • Re: Heart Clicker (V.3.0.0)

    How about some Clicker Achievements?

  • Re: Heart Clicker (V.3.0.0)

    Instead of Whips, how about Rolling Pins for beatings for the next Update?

  • Re: Heart Clicker (V.3.0.0)

    More new Content soon! Factories are getting 3-4 new Upgrades and all the other buildings will get 1-2 more eventually! Also, each Building (Not including Egypt/Paradise/Grandma Buildings) will have there second upgrade unlocked at 15 of that Building!