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    @Regian will there be a prestige too? Plz say yes :)
  • Re: Grandma Clicker Reborn Christmas Update Almost Done!

    I will fix that, I used google to translate seconds to hours; I guess i typed it in wrong @hoglahoo

    Edit: Fixed :)
  • Re: Grandma Clicker Reborn Christmas Update Almost Done!

    @OVO I will take a look right now, but im not sure how to do it sense I directly upload the image onto there and it covers the red and the green
  • Re: Grandma Clicker Reborn Christmas Update Almost Done!

    @Rocker lots more content to come and the reason why I put a cap is so people don't buy too many, and be ahead of me with books, I'm try to put one out every update :)
  • Grandma Clicker Reborn Christmas Update Almost Done!

    Welcome to my new Game I have been working on for the past few days! This game is called, "Grandma Clicker Reborn", and it is the same concept as "Grandma Clicker", but with better features, storyline, ect..

    Now, this game currently features,
    * 11 Buildings
    * 2 Currencies
    * 141 Upgrades
    * 119 Achievements
    * Building Tires to 250 to 350
    * A Huge Golden Grandma That Bounces Across the Screen
    * Plenty of Grandmas Half Ass Humor
    * Plenty of Swearing/Humor You Known to Love In Grandma Clicker!

    For this game, I went with the same Art Assets, but redrawing some from other games of mine, and of course some new fresh Art Assets!

    Here is the Game:
    Heres the Update Log for the Game:

    I know Golden Grandmas right now don't have much to spend on, but in the next Update I will be adding,
    * Golden Grandma Vortex
    * Ancient Egypt Grandma God (Which Will Require Both Currencies)
    * Some Other Features!

    Please let me know what you think, and plz, if you have any ideas, suggestions, to add in future updates, let me know! :)
    If there are any errors, mistakes, let me know as well :)

    (11/20/2017) (18:07PMAM Central) (V.1.4.0) WHATS NEW?
    * More Info in Every Building Section
    * Higher Tiers For Buildings
    * New Grandma God Book
    * Book Vortex Now At 30%
    * Three Cats
    * 1 Triangle Upgrade
    * 2 New Leaf Clovers
    * 4 Achievements For Clicking Golden bouncing Grandma (1-10-25-50)
    * More Achievements for The New Higher Tirers
    * New Achievement for Book Vortex (At 30%)
    * New Magic Wand Which Makes Buildings 50% Cheaper
    * Other upgrades Make Buildings Cheaper
    * Word Fixes (Lots)
    * Other Fixes
    * Added Nice Fancy White Bold Text to Everything! (For Easier Read)
    * Still Couldn't Figure Out How to Tell Between Owned and Not Owned, Sorry
    * New Achievement for Making Total of Sextillion Grandma Powers
    * New 1 Achievement for Making Quintillion golden Grandma Powers
    * Probably Other Stuff I did, But I forgot
    * Enjoy!

    * More Content Soon!