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  • Re: Heart Clicker (V2.2.0) | (Bug Fixes) (TotalHeart Clicks Removed -Restart to see Heart Clickable)

    @The_Cookie_Monster the update will be soon and then you can face the Grandma Devils :D
  • Re: Heart Clicker (V2.2.0) | (Bug Fixes) (TotalHeart Clicks Removed -Restart to see Heart Clickable)

    @Uiomancant 200 of every building ad 450 Grandmas! Do you like the game so far? I have been trying to balance it out!

    Edit: After I feel better (Slowly working on it with being very sick) I will add Synergy Achievements and one of them will be Have (450 Grandmas, 400 Gardens and 200 of each other building) things like that, but I havent worked on it yet, but there will be a bit more to the game before I work on a new Clicking Game I have been thinking of!
  • Heart Clicker (V2.2.0) | (Bug Fixes) (TotalHeart Clicks Removed -Restart to see Heart Clickable)

    I took your advices and I redid the whole game! (PS: I like my drawings and I worked very hard on them too )
    + 1 new Upgrade for each Building at 10
    + reworked how much each building gives (There's still no Tooltip) (Don't know how to do that yet)
    + Buildings unlock as your "TotalHearts" rise
    + Buildings are Spread out by A LOT
    + you get 2 clicks per Grandma Owned
    + Every 50 Grandma's, you unlock some of her Knowledge which in return, she boosts herself and other buildings by a %!
    + grandma achievements to 300!
    + Building Achievements to 50! (1-10-25-50)
    + Upgrades give Bigger Boosts to balance out the game
    + Took out some buildings
    + Total Heart Achievements are more Spread out!

    Whats New (V.1.5.0) (3/7/2017)
    + 1 New Building (Ancient Egypt)
    + Tuns more Achievements
    + Grandma Achievements to 425
    + Every Building at 50 powers Grandma by 200% (Synergy)
    + Ancient Egypt at 100 Buildings Power Grandma by 1,000,000,000%
    + Tuns more Upgrades
    + More Depth back story (There's now Ancient Egypt Grandma Gods from 5,000 Years Ago & Grandma Gods)
    + Lots more Synergy
    + Upgrade Costs are now x10 of each other (1st Building one is same price as Building tho)
    + Bug Fixes
    + Nerfs

    Whats New (V.1.6.0) (3/10/2017)
    + Reworked everything on the Grandma Knowledge
    + Added a Grandma Knowledge VI
    + Each unlocks at every 50 Grandma Up to 300 Grandmas
    + Costs scales by x1 for the price at every Grandma Knowledge Unlocked (Price Scal starts at x10 and goes up by x1)x10 x11 x12 x13 ect...) The last Grandma Knowledge 6 scale cost is x17 of 300 grandmas Bought!)
    + All 6 Knowledge gives Efficacy to all Buildings and grandma (Except Ancient Egypt)
    + 3 New Achievements (Unlock 1 Grandma Knowledge, 3, 6)
    + Bug fixes
    + Last Grandma Achievement is at 450 instead of 425
    + Redid the Art Work for TotalHearts
    + TotalHearts get unlocked at 10 100 1,000 10,000 100,000 1 M 100M, 1B, 1T, 1q, 1Q, 1 Sex, 1 Sep, 1 Oct
    + Short numbers as Million, Billion, Trillion, ect...

    Whats New (V.1.6.9) (3/12/2017)
    + Fixed some Spelling Errors
    + Fixed some Gramer
    + Made it easer to tell which grandma quoted what out of, (Grandma, Grandma Gods, Ancient Egypt Grandma Gods)
    + More Content coming Soon!

    Whats New (V.1..8.0) (3/16/2017)
    + 200 Building Achievements for every Building! (1-10-25-50-100-150-200)
    + Spelling Errors Fixed
    + New Updated Artwork
    + 70+ New Achievements
    + Grammar Fixes
    + Bug Fixes

    Whats New (V.2.0.0) (3/20/2017)
    + Say Hello to the Grandma Devils! (There so Savage
    + Six Grandma Devil (Hell Knowledges) (Cost Grandmas aka Grandma Gods to be Sacrificed!)
    + New Building (Underground Paradise) Where the Grandma Gods Call There Home!
    + 4 Upgrades for Underground Paradise (10-70-100-175)
    + Grandma Devils have Beef with Grandma Gods, (Lots of Synergy/Upgrades)
    + Grandma Gods/Grandma Devils Final Achievement is at 550!! Can you reach it?
    + Achievements for Underground Paradise at )1-10-25-50-100-150-200)
    + Achievements for Grandma Devils at (1-10-25-50-100-150-200-250-300-350-400-450-500-550)
    + Achievements Extended for Grandma's at (500-550)
    + Total (So Far 154 Achievements) Can you get them all?
    + Total (so Far 53 Upgrades) Can you get them all?
    + Updated Art Work
    + Lots of "Hell Talk"
    + Backstory (Just Enough to know how Savage) the Grandma Devils Are!
    + Bug Fixes
    + Balanced Changes (Early Game Should Be Spend Up/Middle More Slow/ More Late Content up to "e34"

    V.2.0.0 Bug Fixes Found and Fixed
    + Underground Paradise 200th Building Achievement Unlocked at 150 instead of 200 (Fixed!)
    + When loading up the game, it saids "Unknown by Unknown" (Fixed)
    + Message to the Grandma Gods III Upgrade, bad Grammar (Fixed)


    Whats New (V.2.1.0) (3/24/2017) (Part 1 to the 3.0.0)
    + New Color Layout!
    + 2 New Buildings (Ancient Egypt Grandma Gods and Grandma Gods)
    + all 4 Grandma types give you 10% clicks per one bought!
    + 5 Upgrades for Ancient Egypt Grandma Gods (Some Synergy)
    + 5 Upgrades for Grandma Gods (Some Synergy)
    + Less Grandma needed to be sacrificed for the Grandma Devil Upgrades
    + Deep, deep back story on Grandma Devils, Ancient Egypt Grandma Gods, and Grandma Gods
    + Sense there are 4 Grandma Buildings, the Garden unlocks at 5,000 TotalHearts
    + Garden Can be Bought at 10,000 Hearts
    + Way Faster Early Game
    + Might be Bug Fixes, but will be hopefully fixed by the time the 3.0.0 comes!
    + Remember, this is PART 1 of updates, so EXPECT SOME BUGS TO BE FOUND

    Whats New (V.2.2.0) (3/25/2017) (Part 2 to the 3.0.0)
    + I fixed that one line of code
    + I fixed "GrndmaDevils" and now theres no failed lines
    + GrandmaDevils 550th Achievement fix to say, "I Won" instead of "Today is the Day"
    + Removed "TotalHeart Clicksfrom Clickables"
    + I added 2 new Infos on top,
    + Max Building Achievements in the game: 200 (0/s)
    + Max Grandma achievements (All 4 Grandmas) in the game: 550 (0/s)
    + Fixed displaying the right amount of Total Upgrades
    + All Bugs Should Be Fixed!
    + Removing TotalHearts makes you restart your game, (Sorry)

    What I will work on for (V.2.2.0 (Part 2)
    + Achievements at 550 for Ancient Egypt Grandma Gods and Grandma Gods
    + 50 of Every Building you have a Grandma Synergy, so...
    + 100 of Every Building - Grandma Devil Synergy
    + 150 of Every Building - Grandma God Synergy
    + 200 of Every Building - Ancient Egypt Grandma God Synergy
    + Grandma Gods Knowledges (up to 6)
    + Ancient Egypt Grandma God Knowledges (up to 6)
    + More Balancing Changes
    + Bug Fixes
    + Spelling Errors
    + Grammar Fixes
    + V.2.1.0 Fixes too

    Note: this is another huge update! it might come out in parts, and give me time to make it perfect :)

    After I do those, I might stop updating the game as It might be complete, and I have a new game in mind I want to make!

    PS: I used Wall destroyer for my Custom spreadsheet and I hope you like my game and sorry for my bad drawings, I tried my best to draw from scratch!