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Diesel0307 ✭✭

We need to bring the Nested General Discussion back to life. I like Nested to much to see this happen. It is a fun game. ALL YOU NEED TO DO IS COMMENT THERE, AND CREATE NEW DISCUSSIONS. Okay?


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  • Re: what happens when you eat a banana (generator)

    "If you eat a banana, your crack explodes."

    What exactly is "crack" in the context of this sentence?...
  • Better Nested Mod

    I have recently been poking around the source code... and have been working on modding the game.
    So I have created what I call:

    Better Nested

    This is basically Nested, but with more tweaks and features that just make it better.
    I have a change log of what I have so far:

    -Added star clusters
    -Added cookie clicker (can be found in websites)
    -Added dark matter
    -Added banks (kinda simple)
    -Added anti... stuff?
    -Added rainbows
    -Added RNA
    -Added ALL ELEMENTS!!! (not all can be found, but good for future use)
    -Added quartz
    -Added organelles
    -Removed the archetype "hydrogen atom"
    -Removed nuclei from bacteria
    -Added more names for:
    -Internet browsers
    -Galaxy arm

    The nestedscript.js can be found here:
    Just put it into the files folder to replace the previous one.

    Tell me what you think!
    Feel free to leave suggestions as to what I should add!
  • Re: Delicious Cookie Deluxe

    Yeah the achievement thing is great! (10/10)

    I crack and egg over the cookie (Sach)

    Medium Sized - 3 Pages complete
    Short - 2 Pages complete
  • Re: Delicious Cookie Deluxe

    Well sure, that sounds good.
    I can make these achievement pics somewhat easily.

    Fully Automated - Get 500,000 Cookies per round
    Cookie Past - Time Travel to the past where the cookie didn't exist
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  • Re: Delicious Cookie Deluxe

    Half of the army is dead.
    I raise my sword into the sky.
    I use sugary magic to transform it into a laser, which shoots a rainbow and explodes the entire army!
    Now I walk towards the king.

    ----Achievements I Made----
    Exact Double - Exactly double the deliciousness in one round, no more or less