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  • Re: Why Ascend?

    Wait a while longer. You've baked about a hundred trillion cookies, right? There's an interesting upgrade that costs one quadrillion. You still have some stuff to do.
  • Re: Dungeons and Dra-I mean Grandmas

    Dungeons have been a planned feature for a long time but haven't made it into the live game. (Or if they used to be in the game they're not anymore.) You can still play the beta at
  • A game genre that a leading expert once characterized as "super dumb"

    Make the number bigger.
    So that you can make the number get bigger faster.
    "Why would I want that?"
    To make the number get even bigger.

    "The number's not big enough to make the number get bigger faster yet."
    It will be big enough sooner than you think.

    "I decided I don't care about making the number bigger anymore."
    That's okay, it will get bigger while you're gone. You'll be back.

    "What's this other number?"
    It gets bigger when the regular number gets bigger.
    That helps the regular number get bigger.

    "The number isn't getting much bigger anymore. I guess eventually there won't be anything left to do and I'll be done."
    Oh look the rules changed. Now the number is big enough that you would have been done, but now there's a bit more to do.
    "So it's exactly the same as before?"
    No, the number is bigger.
  • Kitten angels infobox reads [Purchased] instead of [Purrchased] when purchased

    Well, the flavour text for kitten specialists was fixed after someone filed a bug report on tumblr, so I figure I should draw attention to another cat-related oversight.

    Things that work:
    When you buy a normal upgrade, the infobox changes from [Upgrade] to [Upgrade] [Purchased].
    When you buy a kitten upgrade, the infobox changes from [Upgrade] to [Upgrade] [Purrchased].
    When you buy a heavenly upgrade, the infobox changes from [Heavenly] to [Heavenly] [Purchased].

    Steps to reproduce the bug:
    Buy a kitten heavenly upgrade, kitten angels.
    Expected behaviour:
    The infobox changes from [Heavenly] to [Heavenly] [Purrchased].
    Actual behaviour:
    The infobox changes from [Heavenly] to [Heavenly] [Purchased].

    Hopefully this inconsistency can be fixed, making it easier to understand what kitten angels do.
  • Re: Business Day - still entirely decorative?

    There's also a rare golden cookie called "Everything must go" that makes buildings 5% cheaper for five or ten seconds. It's about half as likely as Click frenzy and only occurs during Business Day.

    In the late game, I think someone did the calculations and found that Business Day is actually the best season for long-term production with active play because of the prestige upgrade that gives 5% more golden cookies. I guess because a big part of production comes from things like Click frenzy and Dragonflight, this is actually better than getting a reindeer with two minutes worth of cookies roughly every two minutes.