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  • Re: This game isn't realistic

    Actually, it's not quite that bad. I think you might have mixed up cm and km.

    One septillion cookies of that size spread flat would take up 3.1×10^25 cm^2, which is 3.1×10^15 km^2. (I'm saying 31 instead of 28 because circles don't tile perfectly, but whatever.)

    If you collected them all into a ball, they'd take up a volume of 4.2×10^25 cm^3, or 4.2×10^10 km^3. That's a ball with a radius of 2200 km, less than the size of earth. And I think if they were on the surface of the earth, packed tightly, they'd only pile up 81 km deep. No big deal.

    There's a discussion of what would happen if you collected together 602 sextillion small rodents, which are about the same size and material as cookies:
  • Re: Instant Eldeer achievement

    It should be possible to line up wrath cookies and reindeer to make this more likely. I think the timer for each golden cookie starts when the previous one is clicked, so you can delay them by leaving them onscreen for a bit.

    This used to be one of the recommended strategies, probably in v.2 when Eldeer was twice as powerful (and also not an achievement). But v.2.002 nerfed Eldeer by reducing the yield of reindeer during an elder frenzy (as well as during a frenzy), and v.2.0034 made it more worthwhile to put golden cookies farther apart with some of the pantheon spirits, so lining up cookies and reindeer is less important now. But you can still do it.

    The only thing that permanently makes lining them up harder is Starsnow. Ideally you want cookies a bit more often than reindeer so you can leave them up until the reindeer appear, but Starsnow makes reindeer appear a bit too often and you can't disable it. I guess Selebrak might help, I think it makes golden cookies appear more often in all seasons.
  • Maybe sugar lumps should be unlocked by a heavenly upgrade

    I'm not sure if this is a good idea, and maybe it's too late anyway, but maybe the sugar lumps and minigames should begin by purchasing a cheap heavenly upgrade, rather than by ascending once.

    This is more similar to how the other late game additions work, such as the dragon and the seasons.
    There wouldn't be an incentive to ascend way too early to start using the minigames. Right now there's an argument to be made for ascending at one trillion cookies, which really breaks the flow of the game since the bingo center costs one quadrillion.
    It might be a bit less confusing to have each new game element introduced separately. Ascend and buy Legacy to unlock the prestige system, buy How to bake your dragon to unlock the dragon, buy Season switcher to unlock the seasons, and buy another heavenly upgrade to unlock the sugar lumps system.

    It currently doesn't work that way, and everyone who already has a bunch of sugar lumps wouldn't want to lose them because they didn't buy an upgrade that didn't exist. There would have to be a way to keep existing progress if this change is made.
    It might take a bit longer to start collecting sugar lumps.

    This was probably considered and decided against already, so there's probably a reason not to do it.
  • Re: Why Ascend?

    I sure hope the OP stopped reading this thread before it got full of spoilers.
  • Re: Why Ascend?

    Wait a while longer. You've baked about a hundred trillion cookies, right? There's an interesting upgrade that costs one quadrillion. You still have some stuff to do.