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Bubbadoo ✭✭

Ey, you folks are cool. Thanks for the awesome's of the pictures of me and my doodles. It really helps my self esteem.


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  • Re: Wall Wrecker

    I sprint at the wall, charging and slamming into the wall with my shoulder. Collapsing on the floor after the impact and writhing in pain, giving a thumbs up, "I-I triieeeed!"
  • Re: Post your drawings here

    I am not that great at drawing really.. like.. at all. I have found myself getting into it though. Hell this icon is not mine but a drawing of my character by a buddy of mine.

    First three drawings I am posting is my fursona.. because I am furry trash.
    Starting from the first drawing I did to the most recent one.

    Then the last two I did for a couple friends.
    First one if for a buddy of mine called Gorgilisk. His character Worg is a wolf/crocodile hybrid. I mostly kinda copied his art style, haha. He really liked it though~.

    and then a drawing that I am actually really proud with how it turned out is this drawing a did for a friend of mine named Hat Snake.

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  • Re: Post a picture of yourself!

    People say I cross my legs weird, I don't know why, I find it comfy. :v

    Anyways, other picture I snapped of me.

    Also bonus "Damnit cat why you gotta ruin my shots"

  • Re: Paste what you have in your clipboard!