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Bubbadoo ✭✭

Ey, you folks are cool. Thanks for the awesome's of the pictures of me and my doodles. It really helps my self esteem.


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  • Re: Count to "OBJECTION!" until someone says "OBJECTION!".

    Because you could just recreate it. I made this as a parody, and I don't want ironic notifications from it. Also people are "enjoying" it? Maybe I'm just stupid, but I don't get joy from a counting game with this simplistic of a ruleset.
    To each their own I guess. Isn't it possible to turn off notifications from this thread though?
    Not on a thread you created. Still, there's no reason to recreate a thread when there's a perfectly good one here.

    Because it gives me notifications I don't want?
    And? Just ignore those notifications. It's not that much of a big deal, just ignore this thread on your notification list.

  • Re: ExplodingCamel 2nd AMA

    I am really concerned at the fact that he has not replied in days. I really hope he didn't. Oh god I hope he didn't take his life. :'(
  • Re: ExplodingCamel 2nd AMA

    Hey dude, think about your family and what that would do to your mother. No parent can ever truly get over a child committing suicide.
  • Re: The OFFICIAL Telephone Reboot

    lawl you broke your own rule
    No, that was between one day in the EST timezone. That's an exception. -.-
    Basically you get to make up your own exceptions because you are owner of the thread. I agree that you broke your own rule.
  • Re: Death Simulator V0.2 [UPDATED!]

    Your dad then forgot about you and moved on 7 days after finding out that you died.
    Jesus Christ this is depressing.