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Alright, due to some other stuff I've been doing, I will only post to my forum games once or twice per day, that discludes one-post replies


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  • Re: Dungeon Maker (Forum Game)

    @TheHeathens you take a Sky Dungeon and call it Hell and Heaven's Battleground!
    Your random monster is a... Engineer Monkey! Super Rare! Want to dig your first room now?
    Engineer Monkey: Super Rare random-spin monster, they come from the sky kingdoms of Thee, they are extremely fluent at building contraptions and robots, they feed on anything a human can feed on.
    @Idler you dig your first room and find a group of different scales! You put them in your backpack. You begin your day
    -A school of fish swim into the dungeon from underwater, +3 dungeon fish income per turn
    -An adventurer comes in, The shadow mole kills him secretly! +8 gold
    -A bat goes into your cave and refuses to leave, maybe he could be of use... +1 monster, Cavern Bat
    -A troll falls asleep in your cave and gets killed later by your monster! +3 gold.

    Cavern Bat: An average bat that hangs out in caverns, bats will randomly cast blind status on anybody who enters the cave, and also eats some little animals.

    @Reepile you have begun the day!
    -Bugs dig into the dungeon
    -An eagle goes in looking for bugs to eat, but troll imp smacks it and it dies. +2 gold.
    -Adventurers go inside for a chance to get wierd loot, troll imp kills one but the other two get through, the Aureum gives them a Blunted Sword and a Rusty Helmet, the adventurers tell everyone else about the dungeon. +10 popularity
    -A man enters the dungeon and dies from the atmosphere, he leaves a sack of gold after death. +25 gold.

    @TrevinMaciel all settings have been set! You dig your first room and find a chest! But it needs a silver key. Ready to start the day?

    Also, here's a pastebin page for your stats!
  • Re: I have a... (The classic roasting game!)

    Bunch of dead forum games
    I have a...
  • Re: do you think all these new forum games are evil?? (a poll by Drago_meh)

    I like making puns with my name
    Next up is a sex game with brainsperm for name

  • Re: What if you were....

    Not to mention that without religion, people wouldn't believe in the afterlife, thus, lots of people will think we disappear completely from existence after death... that could actually be more harmful than it sounds.
    Not really. People's beliefs in the afterlife have always varied quite a bit, and as a result many of them might as well be nonexistent. For example, the ancient Greeks believed that after death, most people get trapped in the underworld for all eternity, practically stuck in a pointless existence.

    Furthermore, the afterlife, while a major part of many religions, has never been really something that important for people's daily lives. In fact, if people were to not believe in an afterlife, many would likely value their daily lives even more. As a result, many more people would try to focus on enriching themselves, rather than trying to appease the gods as to not get a worse afterlife. Fears of hell, for example, would make a gay person afraid to be gay, while if they believe there isn't an afterlife, there would be no reason to be afraid to be gay.
    I still don't think gayness is a good thing at all, but I'm going to stay neutral to this and only comment on saying that "fear of being gay is a good thing actually, and we are better off with it than without"
  • Re: Dashnet Plays Cards Against Humanity 2 (Card Number: 6)

    If I were to pick how I'd die, I'd pick being executed in front of the world after being a very famous person, and screaming "it's all Israel's fault"