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Brainstorm ✭✭✭✭

my internet is so fast


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  • Re: Funny quotes

    “Cell comes from the Latin word Cellula, which means Cell”
  • Re: If you could chose one thing that wouldn't be against the law but is now, what would it be?

    If it was me, I would go for your brain

    with my knife

    Or maybe I'll just kidnap you and slowly cut your body parts away
    Or that, but after he goes for my balls to stun me.
  • Re: What has been your worst experience ever flying on a plane?

    all my fights were pretty chill
    except that one time (Bruxelles Paris) where there was insanely bad weather in Paris (i think it was a thunderstorm or something): the pilot attempted landing 3 or 4 times, didn't work, we went back to Bruxelles.
    boy let me tell you, 3-4 attempts at landing where you can physically feel the plane tilting, and then getting back up into the sky again, that goes well for your stomach. didn't vomit though. yay?

    every time people applaud when a plane successfully lands i'm like "are you guys for real this is safer than a freaking lift"
    tbh you can't tell the tale of being in a flying tin can in a tumble-dryer if you only take the lift though
    I dont know how fights go with chill, unless you’re the one who’s ten times stronger than the other
  • Re: Guess the Fake Line From a Bad Creepypasta

    I am a brown box and I'm not here.
  • Re: Dashnet RPG (Dashnet's Greatest Forum Game of All Time)

    "Um... What?", I stutter a little to say, drawing my scimitar. "If you're not going to make sense, fight with your devil's mouth shut."

    Now would be a fantastic time to have my armor...
    Well, let's call it a test and get on with it.

    "Thundertail!", I shout, slashing at the devil with my right arm as I cast Lightning Whip, holding it on my left hand.
    You cast a large whip of lightning, and lash at the demon, he quickly appears to the right of where he was, so fast!

    "Why do humans try, although there is the biggest possibility that they'll F A I L M I S E R A B L Y . . ."

    The demon creates an electrical whip almost matching yours, but completely black, he lashes you so hard you barely dodge it, and your left arm is bleeding and is severely injured.
    I choose Kuram the lonely goblin.
    Alright, look, there you are!
    Username: Krashmoss
    Class: Survivor
    Race: Goblin
    Rank: Nobody
    Origin: Forests of Light, Dark Kingdom
    Main set:
    Leather Wrap (Headwear) (+2 def)
    NA (Facewear)
    NA (Torso)
    Old Human Underwear (Legwear) (+1 agi)
    Cloth Footwrap (Footwear) (+1 spd)
    Iron Daggers (2-Handed Weapon) (+17 Atk, +9 Agi, +3 Spd)

    Wealth: 0 P 0 G 0 S 0 B 17 C
    Inventory: Crispy Bat Wings x3
    Str: Med
    Atk: 22
    Def: 7
    Spd: 18
    Agi: 27
    Max HP: 15
    Luck: 100%
    Crit.Chance: 5%
    Crit.Damage: +40%
    Magic: 3
    Intelligence: 13
    Atk Spd: Hi

    Property: Small Hut

    To start, you are in the middle of a very thick forest, it's called the forests of light and it lies in the dark kingdom... it is a place where all the light in the kingdom is secluded, so no dark forces lie here... you have lived here peacefully, eating from what the nature gives you, as you have built a small hut out of branches to live in... long ago, when you arrived, escaping from the village that was devoured by flames from the King of Darkness, and took a stay here, thinking it would be temporary... you were wrong, homey force drags you to stay here, relaxingly strong winds, peaceful animals, and soft ground...

    Waking up today, 7 years after that forsaken day, you are hungry with nothing to eat but those old snacks you got, crispy bat wings... won't fend hunger of, but are a good snack
    You should go out hunting.
    Name: Khel'Nos
    Element: Magma
    Weapon: Scythe
    The scythe is taken, I'm not saying you can't choose it, but for your convenience and the convenience of the other user, you should pick another weapon