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  • The Un-Openable Box (The Idle Game) (V0.75)

    Not much needs to be said here
    Current version: 0.75

    I need you guys to test it and see if any glitches exist, I based it off of a certain style sheet (*coughcoughnotWDcoughcough*), but changed lots of stuff...

    If you find any glitches, tell me, or suggest solutions... here is...
    Pastebin Link:
    Style sheet link:
  • Re: Embarrassing/Awkward Story Time!

    Well, here it comes
    We had a music class once in school, since we were near exams, it was only me and another person today in class, we were in the music room while a guy was rehearsing, he was showing the music teacher his skill in singing and copying singers and actors (Egyptian, of course), every time, he said "I'll sing" this, and "I'll copy" that, and in the end, he didn't copy anyone and he was just so embarrassed, I kept making fun of him and saying stuff like "Hey, you should sing for deaf people" and stuff like that, when I continued, people started cracking up, then I said "Hey, even I can copy better than that.. much better than just standing there"
    So the teacher got me in front of the other classes who were present, people thought I, too, was embarrassed, but I just couldn't find anyone on the tip of my mind to copy, so in the end I just sat down, looking at everyone

    It wasn't my most embarrassing moment, but it's what's on the tip of my tongue
  • Re: The Un-Openable Box (Forum Game)

    ". . . What are you doing?"

    ASGORE points towards the FIGHT button with the trident.


    (11/25) Carefully navigating the minefield . . .
    Box forms another button that says "Ascension" and laughs an evil laugh, and makes it very active, that it keeps jumping around, trying to click itself into something! Not this time!
  • Re: I have a... (The classic roasting game!)

    Profile picture that looks like a Chinese farmer from afar, a monkey with an umbrella when getting closer, and a dog up close.
    I have a...
  • Re: Return of The Monster (The Monster ++)

    ". . . That went better than I expected."
    It did... no actions this turn?
    I think it's time. We need to get serious. The monster needs to become the most ____ being ever existed, and there is only one conclusion. It's a quite complicated conclusion, if I quite do say so myself my boys... and girls of course I aint like that.... Sorry, it's just a mouthful to say, since it's the perfect solution, like a big red button to grant all the world's desires and wishes, even better than quantum technology! We really need to get a deep breath in to say this, maybe our tongues can't even say the word though.... Ok, deep breaths, OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, my chest be bigger than a balloon with all the air, lets let it out now! WE SAY IT NOW, NO MORE WAITING... OH yeah it takes a bit to say since it's just such a damn mouthful ok let me just say it we put a seed infront of it but it's a beanstalk seed to he can climb to the clouds and harness sun energies! Wow, I need extra oxygen after that!
    Twister falls asleep halfway through that speech, but gains some experience boost anyway
    Okay good! How are my continually upgraded muffins doing? Anyways, I want to start creating Machine-300, which converts a super upgraded muffin into a muffin man.
    You start building that

    Muffins are doing good, they are greatly powering twister up.


    Twister Candy is evolving!
    His hands start stretching farther, and his legs, too, despite that, his skin gets even harder, and he grows a very epic superhero suit... he is also now able to fly really fast, has great strength, and shoot iron muffins!

    Twister Candy has evolved into Muffin Man!



    You can now send Muffin Man to adventure!