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Brainstorm ✭✭✭✭

Alright, due to some other stuff I've been doing, I will only post to my forum games once or twice per day, that discludes one-post replies


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  • As God As God Can Be! (Forum Game, created by Reignstorm)

    Welcome to the vast universe of Chaoa!

    Basically, you are a god, and you are extremely OP from the start of the game, you share the universe with the other players and you have godly powers...
    Basically, you can do anything as a god, pick what you are the god of and your god name

    You have no main goals, besides getting as many followers as possible, you can do many things to do that... but if you appear in front of them, just like that, you lose fate.

    Fill an application like this one:

    God of Gods
    Followers are called: Godists
    Religion is called: Godism

  • Re: 3 Wishes

    I'd make so much money from my giant penis that I wouldn't need to wish for money, or sex. It would just be a natural consequence of having a dick so long it could reach the moon
    no girl ever would want a dick that big you'd be a roadside attraction, not a play'a.
    Most girls don't want a dick at all.
    My 1 and only wish is to have a boyfriend with a dick so long that it can reach the moon.
    well there you go @adam_antichrist

    Obviously Adam wouldn't fuck anyone coming out of a forum like this..
  • Re: Out of context

    "My brother had a bigger one..." -A friend.
  • Re: Out of context

    "He just laughs and wants more! making holes in him is fun" -Me, general interactive meme
  • Re: Out of context

    "...And every time I lie, it gets longer"
    ~ Pinocchio.
    I'm surprised nobody did this one.