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  • Valley of Dreams (Forum Game, under Administration of Brainstorm, Consumer of Souls)

    Within the valley of dreams, a secret place that no man has ever discovered before, different people have had their fortunes and misfortunes and stumbled upon this valley... some came to hide from government, and some to discover uncharted lands, and some for treasures and loot... no matter what a person's goal is, his destiny in the valley will be one... I N S A N I T Y... and what they DONT know is that this valley will put them beneath their own dreams, make them challenge their own minds... will they survive this? We shall soon see...

    To join, fill an application like this:
    Name: (must be a real name, you can also make this secret and just provide a nickname) Secret
    Nickname (what others call you, probably also why.) Brainstorm, (reason)
    Backstory: (the story of how you found yourself at the valley, note that nobody knows that this valley exists and they only know that this spot is one of the many uncharted lands in the kingdom, but the most mysterious)
    Story: (story of your life, you can always keep this a secret)
    Trait: (traits will be issued down there.)
    Previous Occupation: (Warrior, Engineer, Wizard, Cook, etc... anything you can think of, not too OP though, like an emperor or a dragon tamer.)
    Personality: (personalities issued down, NOTE: CHOOSE TWO PERSONALITIES, however, no choose of two contradictors (etc: optimist and pessimist), and only one "touch" personality could be picked, cancelling the picking of any other personality


    Born Fighter
    Bonus to all stats related to battle and bonus to fighting skills, also some secret unlockments unlocked soon...

    Tougher than most, defense and armor increased greatly with a brief increase in health, secret unlockments soon..

    Faster movement speed, higher agility, and greatly boosted attack speed... secret unlockments soon...

    Much better at convincing people to buy stuff for higher prices / sell stuff for lower price, also useful in negotiations for almost anything, secret unlockmeeeents...

    Naturally a great healer and knows how to stay fit and keep the others fit, also knows the best spots on a human body to kill or not kill...

    Higher attack speed and damage and knows the best ways to kill or not kill anything, also the best leader or best plan maker.

    Can build machines better, much more intelligence and concentration and is better at using science, but less at using magic

    Nature's Friend
    Better at using and knowing natural items like sticks and berries, and also easier to tame monsters.

    Scout's Eye
    Better eyesight and range and accuracy, will also spot anything easier and can read faces better.

    Greatly increases all stats and gives a great edge in battle, but this sacrifices a lot of mentality and intelligence, some dreams in the valley are vulnerable to psychopaths, NOT RECOMMENDED

    Much higher intelligence, also learns things much faster... good at literature and will, thus, usually do stuff that requires intelligence.


    Increases hope of surrounding people, his own stats are slightly decreased but he increases stats of the surrounding people

    Decreases hope of surrounding people, increases his own stats but others have slightly less stats.

    Head in the Earth
    This person would ignore people more, this increases his accuracy and concentration and slightly increases intelligence, but he will not be affected by Pessimists or Optimists.

    Up in the Clouds
    This person listens to people more, increasing his learning speed and caution and intelligence, but he will be more affected by optimists or pessimists

    Always brave and confident and believes in himself, more power and defense and speed, but less caution. Less affected by pessimists

    Much more caution and increased intelligence, concentration, but slightly decreased attack speed and movement speed, more affected by optimists

    More logical, increased intelligence and attack speed, and has more skill in using science, and less in using magic

    Increased intelligence and movement speed and slightly increased attack, has more skill in using magic, and less in using science

    Reaper's Touch
    Current traits of this personality have not yet been discovered, but currently, owner of this personality has much better magic skill, and can NOT use science, and monsters are harder to tame and attack him more often.

    Satan's Touch
    Current traits of this personality have not yet been discovered, but currently, owner of this personality has much better magic skill, and can NOT use science, and he has less defense and is vulnerable against holy water.

    Current traits of this personality have not yet been discovered, but the person has less health and movement speed..

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