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Billabo ✭✭✭✭✭

Working on "inking" that sketch. I have all of Libah (the bat girl) done, but I don't have the patience right now to deal with all the straight lines on the table. That said, I'm happy I've picked up this style of eye. It's cute and easy to make!


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  • Re: Best pantheon configuration

    I buy all the upgrades, excepting only research upgrades from Communal Brainsweep forward (since I want to stay in the first stage of the Grandmapocalypse) and, of course, the Chocolate Egg (until I'm ready to ascend).

    But I've also got well over 5,700 buildings, so all those synergies add up.
    As I'm thinking about it, I guess it is because of the synergies. I was thinking that the grandma types were synergies, but then I read them and saw that it's just a flat doubling effect. So once you get that many buildings, farms overtake grandmas again.

    ALSO I just looked again and I was absolutely wrong. My farms are making more than my grandmas, both per building and total. I must have misread a number or looked at the wrong one. My save file at work currently has grandmas making more than farms, but my home file, which is farther in the game, lines up with what you're saying. My mistake.
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  • Re: All things nested

    Who cares about double- or triple-posting, isn't this thread supposed to be about 'All thing Nested'?
    Obviously the mods care about double and triple posting, since Chisako has been merging double and triple posts, and posted a notice in Activity saying not to do it.
  • Re: 100% Cookie Clicker in 4.5 months with no console cheating.

    Double posting is explicitly against the rules highly discouraged, and a mod (Chisako) just confirmed you double posted, and now you've done it 2 more times.
    Go away. (FYI, the rules.)
    I realized it's not explicitly against the rules; that's why I edited that bit out. But also from the rules:

    5. Listen to moderators
    • They are here to keep the forum clean and safe.
    • If they tell you to do something, you should do it.
    And a mod said
    [...] Also, that second save is not a double post, which also would have been clear if you had read the sentence immediately preceding it. Ironically (literally), however, your quote including it, and the sentence explaining it, is in fact the double post.
    object 1:
    object 2:
    that is in fact doubleposting and he was referring to object 1 when he said you shouldn't doublepost - which i agree with
  • Re: Can we quit talking about polls?

    Listen, if you don't want to talk about polls, then just don't post here at all at this point.
  • Re: Can we quit talking about polls?

    AC and CWS derail a thread together, is this the last piece of proof we need that they're a match?
    I'd love to argue with you about this, but that'd serve to derail this further. Stick to the topic at hand.
    Now we should quit discussing this and go back to the subject at hand. I'd rather this thread not get derailed.
    what subject?
    We're meant to be talking about not talking about polls. If that's too hard to understand, I'm sorry.
    What do you mean talk about not talking about it?
    There's not talking about not talking about it there's just not talking about it.
    That's not what I meant.

    This is a discussion about us stopping talking about polls. This is not a discussion about something other than us stopping talking about polls.

    Now seriously, quit de-railing the thread. We need to stop de-railing as much as we need to stop talking about polls.
    Most voters agreed to some form of yes, let's stop talking about polls. Now by insisting we talk about not talking about polls, you're indirectly talking about polls!