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I just found out that August 2013 was less than 1 second ago! (Spoiler)


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  • Re: Post your drawings here

    I saw an enormous improvement in my abilities when I took drawing classes in school. It's not impossible to learn on your own, but I think the best way is to have a professional teach you. That's how you learn techniques, and the rest is just practice. Lots of drawing stuff that you think sucks, and probably does suck, but then you see how you can make it better and in that way you improve each time.
  • Re: 3 Wishes

    1. I wish I had never been born.
  • KONOSUBA: Best Girl?

    I just finished watching season 1 and 2, so I became curious of others' opinions.
  • Re: The Non-Cheaters Thread

    ^^For example some time ago I read instructions in the Wiki on how to get a particular achievement. I forget which one, but it involved changing the bakery name. When I did so, a red menu appeared above the big cookie that made it obvious that this was something people use for hacking into the innards of the game. The only way I could find to get rid of it was to reset. Apart from not wanting to cheat, I was worried about clicking something in that menu accidentally that would break the game.
    Interesting. I've obviously changed the bakery name because you need to to get that particular achievement, but I've never seen the red menu you describe.
    I think he's referring to the debug menu, which you open by adding "saysopensesame" to the end of your bakery name.
  • Re: Post your drawings here

    I drew this a few hours ago. He is Billa, based on my mouse from Transformice.

    NSFW sketch version linked inside this spoiler: removed from here because it's crap anyway. If you really want to see it you can PM me or just reverse image search that ^ one.

    I'm not a furry... I swear! It's just that the only guy I chat with regularly these days is a furry, so...
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