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  • Re: I'm about to ascend..

    Something to keep in mind is that each chip you have increases your CPS on the next run by 1%, so ascending with just 1 would have very little effect, and also it would not allow you to buy any actual prestige upgrades. I think you should wait until you have over 100, personally.
  • Re: The Non-Cheaters Thread

    I suppose not... but why would you? What advantage does that give you?
    If you hold down the click and un-click buttons, it will click rapidly, fast enough to give the Uncanny Clicker achievement. That allows you to just hold down two keys to get a pretty big boost in production. It's a huge advantage especially during a Click Frenzy. I would say it is cheating.
  • Re: Cookie Clicker: Game does not display exact values for Grimoire spell costs, please change?

    I agree, or round up instead of down, and have it be a pleasant surprise if people get to use their spell "early."
  • Re: More food variety

    It's called Cookie Clicker, not Variety of Food Clicker.
  • Re: The Non-Cheaters Thread

    I'm thinking about not choosing One Mind on my next ascension, saving like 10 sugar lumps and waiting for a frenzy, then keep hitting Force the Hand of Fate and reloading the magic with the lumps to get an exponential combo of awesome.
    If you just want to avoid red cookies, then you'd be better off going full grandmapocalypse and pledging, rather than not buying One Mind.