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If Cam got to rant about Game Theory, I can get to rant about Underlab. I haven't even watched the video and I can already tell that most of this is just pulled straight from their anus. None of it is canon if it didn't come from the game or Toby - it's not "everything you didn't already know" if it's not true and canon. It's "everything you didn't already think was true." And it's probably not right from any stand point - the closest they'll probably get to being correct was someone possibly having an AU sorta like this. I can also tell from the thumbnail alone that this theory is just meant to be edgy and ruin Alphys as a character for many people by feeding people lies about how she injected Determination into herself or whatever the unholy fuck. Fuck these guys.


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  • Re: What are you listening to?

  • Re: Amane AMA

    Why did you only tag it "ama"? You're wasting tag space with obvious stuff.
    It's not like anyone uses tags, anyway.
  • Re: DASHNETTALE - An AU created by us. ((Roles assigned upon request, more details in the thread.))

    Well chara isn't a real name really, it's just a placeholder lots of people make a bunch of fuss about.
    Undertale calls the name Chara "the true name." It, along with Frisk, are the only names in the game that change gameplay(Frisk initiating Hard Mode, Chara preventing you from resetting until you achieve an ending.)

    So, yeah, I'd say it's an actual name.

    Please do not make a new thread for every single update you make to your games. There's an edit button. >.>
  • Re: Cookie Clicker for 3DS!

    But they're ok if they contribute to the thread, so (s)he's fine.
    I don't see how it sparks discussion, beyond "oh, hey, that's cool." I'd say it has to be something people can discuss, and...While I haven't looked at the link, as far as I know it's a direct port of the game into 3DS. Which doesn't leave much room for discussion.
    They're contributing to the discussion in that it's about wanting Cookie Clicker on the 3DS, and they showed that someone is making Cookie Clicker for the 3DS. It can't get much more relevant than that.

    lol, I looked at the thread and saw a picture of the game, and it's spelled "Coockie Clicker." How do people keep spelling it wrong, when the word "cookie" appears all over the place in Cookie Clicker?
    But it doesn't start discussion - literally what I said in the last post. I feel like, if a necrobump has to be worth it, it has to be something getting people discussing it again.

    He could have easily made his own thread for it, IMO.