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¤RunninginReverse¤ ✭✭✭✭✭

I did a thing ((No, I couldn't be half-assed to name it. I think I can rename it if you guys have any ideas. This is my first music-related thing, so I expect you guys to hate it but I think maybe it turned out okay?))


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  • Resurfacing memories

    ((In this thread; The dysfunctional group of Void leaders have a major falling-out. Takes place way before Dashnet City starts.))

    Toleir stood around the table among his colleagues, Yellowjacket and Darksight. The Voidlords were plotting what to do about Shadow. The first glitch to exhibit Voidlord capabilities - and, potentially, the only one to be as strong as one.

    "I say we present him with a choice. Work as an Enforcer, or die. It's that simple," Yellowjacket suggested with a grin. Toleir shook his head at the suggestion.

    "I'm tired of giving people a choice," the Head Voidlord stated, placing his hands on the table, after-images appearing behind him as he moved. "I say we just get rid of him - he's too much of a loose cannon to have on the squadron, and he's too dangerous to leave to his own devices. He could take our power right from underneath us. And then, everything would fall apart."

    "Well, you know what I think?" Darksight began, his voice bouncy and full of energy. "I think the poor guy's gone through enough with you splattering him all over the wall and acting like he's less than Voidwalker. Maybe we should just, you know, let him do his thing-"

    "Did you not hear what I just said?" Toleir interrupted, his shell beginning to crack behind him already. He wasn't irritated easily, but Darksight always got to him. From a name chosen specifically to be as edgy as possible to his annoying cheerfulness and refusal to accept when he's wrong, the Head Voidlord only kept him around because he also can't be gotten rid of. "I just said he's too dangerous to leave to his own devices. He could potentially wipe us all out if he truly has the capabilities we do."

    "He won't if we don't give him a reason to," Darksight responded simply. "Think about this; if we don't give him any more reason to hate us, he won't try anything-"

    "He MIGHT not try anything." Toleir slammed his hands on the table. "Look, Dark. I respect you. I always have. But are you really willing to risk the entire empire we built together on a 'maybe' and a refusal to accept that your actions have consequences?"

    "Well, SORRY, Mr. Serious Pants." The only time Darksight broke his usual cheery demeanor was for sarcasm. "It may be fun, but not everything is solved with violence. If we treat him right, he could even be a suitable heir to th-"

    "I CAN'T DIE, YOU IDIOT. I'M THE GOD OF THIS WORLD!" The normally cold and calculated Voidlord suddenly shouted, shell cracking wildly around him. "EVEN IF I COULD, THERE'S NO WAY I'LL LET A GLITCH LIKE HIM TAKE MY PLACE."

    Darksight was getting a bit nervous, however one couldn't really tell through his voice alone. "But if we just calm down for a few minutes and not be terrible people-"

    "YOU'RE ONE TO TALK ABOUT NOT BEING A TERRIBLE PERSON, WILFRED!" That one stunned Darksight into silence. In all his years since the two became Voidlords, he had never once heard Toleir call him by his human name. Yellowjacket stared at Toleir in absolute disbelief - he didn't even know Darksight had a human name. Toleir storms out.

    "If you're really so intent on sparing the little glitch, we can settle this in the Depths. Ten days from now, Void time. Be there."


    Hell no, they don't. The control schemes of a video game can't exactly match a plane's unless both the game and controller are built for that specific purpose, so there'll always be differences in controls, and video game physics engines are never 100% accurate to reality so that's unlikely, too. Not to mention video games are generally not realistic in the first place.
  • Re: The poster archetype I hate the most

    See this? This is a great example of flame-bait.
  • Re: What are you listening to?

    What I was expecting
    Mettaton: "My name is Mettaton, and I am here to say, with the power of NEO I stand in your way-"

    Frisk: "shut up i want megalovania" *poke*

    Mettaton: "Shit-" *explosions*

    What I GOT
    Mettaton: "My name is Mettaton, and I am here to say, with the power of NEO I stand in your way-"

    Frisk: "I remember . . . Your defense is terrible. You'll die the first hit." *slash*

    Mettaton: *dodge* "I dedicate my life, to upholding what's right! Take a bow, human ᴀɴᴅ sᴍɪʟᴇ: ɪᴛ's ᴄʟᴏsɪɴɢ ɴɪɢʜᴛ!" *Suddenly, arm cannon actually isn't useless*

  • Re: New Building list

    Hold on a minute, let me count all this up.

    7 new building suggestions here.

    Orteil only implements 1 or 2 buildings at a time, for one thing.

    For another, Cookie Clicker doesn't need more buildings already. We just got a new building.
    Yes, but more buildings mean more achievements, and everyone loves more achievements, even without the kitten upgrades.
    We shouldn't implement buildings just for the sake of getting more achievements. We might as well find more unique and interesting ways to get them.