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  • Re: Hide and Seek

    Chapter 2: Dust to Dust


    I wake up in the room. Which is surprising, since I just died. I feel my back as I get up, right where I was stabbed. The wound is gone, the only remainder of the attack being the hole in my clothes and the memories. I'm almost as worried by this as by me having been stabbed not long earlier - and by my attempt at making Shadow fade, failing entirely.

    With no demon hunting me at the time, I take the chance to take in my surroundings. There's a mirror on the wall above the bed . . . for some reason. I climb up, looking in the mirror . . . and then I see it. My eyes. They've turned pure black, demonic. I gasp in shock, and when my mouth is open, I see some small fangs.

    Even knowing Shadow is probably still in the building, I can't help but let out a loud "what the fuck." I then notice . . . a note was left on the ground where I was stabbed. I pick it up, beginning to read it.

    "Fall as a human. Rise as something much greater. Just like me. =)"

    I narrow my eyes at the note. He . . . didn't just kill me. Then, I realize. He doesn't want me dead. He wants me to play his role from now on. The demon. The monster. He wants me to be the kind of entity he was.

    Because he's taking control of the story. And what's a story without a villain?

    I read the note over one more time. Then, a voice echoes in my head; He's tormented you for ages. It's only fair you do the same. "W-what?" This has been so much to process in the past few minutes. I'm almost at a panic. Throwing the note on the ground, I look in the mirror again, hoping to see myself normal again, that it's all just a dream. But no. I'm still a monster.

    Then, I get an . . . interesting thought in my head. What exactly did Shadow allow me to do? I turn towards the note. I don't know why, but I feel like, whatever it is, I can . . . test it, on the note. I pick it up, focusing on the paper. Then, it begins . . . turning to dust. All that's left of it after a mere few seconds is a small pile of light grey dust in my hand.

    It's strange. I thought, with this newfound power, I would feel confident. Ready to take on Shadow. But I just feel . . . angry. I speak, voice echoing throughout the room.

    "Shadow . . . If you're hearing this . . . I'm coming for you."

  • Hide and Seek


    I'm taking off running, my shoes clanking against the metallic floor, the demon trailing behind me with a knife in hand and a wide, fanged grin on his face. I need to lose him somehow or I'm fucked. I begin thinking of ways to get out of this situation before he kills me. I never gave his Void space a permanent design - he likes to change things around however he sees fit for his "games" - but he always gives his victims a chance, no matter how. My attention diverts to the steam vents. These vents are running all throughout the building. Probably for the aesthetic, but, perhaps, I can use them for another purpose.

    Without another thought, I extend my hand towards a pipe as I pass it. A sharp bone fires out, however glitched and fragmented due to the damage I had already sustained during the original encounter. I don't have much magic, but I had to give myself something - I'm dealing with demons here, and whether I created them or not, I had to have some sort of defense against them, so I settled for this. I was always one for the Sans stuff, huh?

    Anyway, the bone cuts through the vent, causing steam to rocket out and hit Shadow dead on. I continue running through the metal corridor, before slipping into the first room I see. A bedroom, by the looks of it. There's a closet, a bed, a lamp . . . among other things my mind is rushing too much to focus on right now. Because I won't fit underneath the bed and hiding in the lamp is just stupid, I settle for diving into the closet and closing the door carefully, so as to not cause noise. I sit on the ground, beginning to calm myself down. It's not like he'll see, right? He's never been the brightest, even though he likes to think he is. Guess we have that in common, huh?

    Then, I hear him walk in. "Oh, Diamond͘ . ̨. ̶. C͏ome ͞o̶ut͡,҉ com͟e o͏u̵t, wh̴eréver͠ y͡o͏u̷ ͢ar̷e.͜~" His voice is glitching, changing in volume and pitch wildly every second, but seems to be more stable than usual - come to think of it, since my attempt at making him fade had failed his entire form has been glitching less than usual. I hold my breath. If he even hears my breathing, I'm fucked. He walks very close to the closet, almost alarmingly close - I can see him through the crack at the bottom of the door. He doesn't seem to notice me, however. So, he walks away. I soon hear the door of the bedroom close behind him. I crack the door open slightly to make sure he's gone. He's not in sight. I breath a sigh of relief, stepping out into the open.

    Then, I feel a sharp pain in my back.

    "Ni̷ce ̀t̸ry҉,͘ ͞D҉įa҉m͘ond͜,̢ but̴ ͏I͡'̨m̶ p̕ra̢c̸ti͝c̨a͜l͝l͡y͝ ̧om̵nipr̢es̵eńt͝ ͘in ͝thi͢ş ̴p͘lace.̨ You ͢m̡ade ͡m̧e̛ to͜o͠ ͜pow͟erful ̕f̷or yo̕ur own ̀g̀ood̷." I feel the blood begin to soak my clothes. The demon laughs, pulling the blade out and pushing me to the ground. Everything begins to fade around me.

    Everything . . . goes . . . dark . . .

  • Re: Who Killed Sapphire?

    “So, do you have any slightest clue about this? Did he even have any enemies which may have been here’s? May have wanted to MURDER him?”

    I say murdered in front of him in a high voice, then look outside the window.
    Lightning and thunder again.

    "I have no idea who would have wanted to do this. Sure, there was the falling-out, but since then, nothing. The Colonel was his pretty hard by it, but I'd argue for his innocence any day."
    I don't get all the fuss, tha man is dead, that's the fact. You wouldn't be that rattled about those simple methods if you saw how I get my venison stew done.
    "Jesus. Are me and Damien the only one who actually cares that there's a murderer in the house?" Freaky lightning and thunder strikes again!

    Also, I'm thinking I also give each player a "clues notebook" along with their ability PMs.
  • Who Killed Sapphire?

    So, this is going to be a part of the canon of Dashnet City. I will be getting back to the main RP. The Depths, maybe I'll come back to it, maybe I'll just say how it ends and go from there. Broken will be entirely scrapped, as it's been so long that I've forgotten what I had planned for it, plus I don't think I planned for much plot relevance anyway. But this is an important part of Dashnet City canon, that I will be getting into now.

    You're invited to a poker night at Sapphire's mansion. During this poker night, you . . . well, you get hammered, everyone gets absolutely hammered, people get violent with each other, and you get knocked out. You wake up and a lot of shit's happened since. You soon come across the corpse of Sapphire, lying on the ground. And things only get crazier from there.

    We're going to have limited spots, with 1 character per role.

    I've done a die roll behind the scenes to determine who the murderer is. All roles were included except the Detective and the Victim, but including other NPC roles.

    Characters who are not taken up by the time it's time to start the RP will be taken up by NPCs.

    Characters already present and their roles:

    Sapphire - The Victim

    Recently deceased. Everyone had a falling-out a while back, but he decided it was high time to get the band back together again. Turns out it wasn't such a great idea, because he kind of got murdered by someone in this house. (Ability: None.)

    Damien Morse - The Ex-Mayor

    Ex-mayor of Dashnet City. Everyone knows him. He's a great guy, and a bit of a push-over, if I'm being entirely honest. Absolutely distraught over Sapphire's murder - he's the only one who's kept in touch with him since the falling-out, though they still haven't been on the best of terms. Knew Mark since they were kids. (Ability: Immune to the Lawyer's "lie detector" ability.)

    Wilfred Solus - The Colonel

    Used to be a member of the DCAF(Dashnet City Armed Forces). A bit out of touch with the situation, it seems. He claims to care, but he isn't affected at all by Sapphire's murder. Always has a gun on him, with a bit of a trigger finger. Seemingly trying not to focus on the murder mystery at all, instead preferring to just joke around and enjoy being at the mansion. Also, hated Sapphire after the falling-out. He has some secrets about him . . . especially since he seems to keep appearing out of nowhere. (Ability: Can teleport, change outfits or obtain objects automatically when not in direct line-of-sight of anyone.) He carries a revolver around, too.

    Redwill Holmes - The Detective (Brainstorm)

    One of those who were less than happy with Sapphire after the falling-out. Despite that, they do care and they're trying to figure out what happened. All of their previous partners are dead - each death more tragic than the last, and some of them being very ironic, which somehow makes them more tragic. Takes on the Lawyer as their new partner. Very skilled at what they do. (Will be PMed if there's a clue in the room they're in.) This role carries a handgun.

    Brainstorm's notes: Not gonna say much about myself now, detectives are better mysterious than open-book, but I like asking questions or otherwise being quiet, I prefer wearing black and grey, and rubbing my chin, and I’d usually fall into my thoughts when I got stuff to think up, usually unnoticing the world around me
    I’m also of medium height, pretty thin, dark brown hair, same eye color, too.

    Dask Winterspoon - The Chef (iceklaus)

    Sapphire's chef, was not involved in the falling-out. Can act downright scary at times, but is just trying to do their job without interference. Their Little Buddy (a ceramic chef statue that, coincidentally, looks like them) is a camera, which allows them to know if someone sabotaged the food or something(nobody did). (Ability: Will be PMed anything suspicious that happened in the kitchen from the time of the poker night starting to now when near their Little Buddy.)

    Iceklaus' notes: Always holding a sharp and shiny cleaver named Sally, I always treat cooking as the most serious thing, a nutritious and safe meal is always the priority.

    Rob Frake - The Technician (Lava_Entity)

    Another employee of Sapphire's. They were affected by the falling-out, but mostly because their boss got frustrated and ended up shouting at them fairly often(the Butler doesn't get this treatment because they were his friend, and remained loyal to him during the falling-out; the Chef didn't just because the guy scares him, not gonna lie.) They understand technological stuff, obviously. Was only working here because there's no other job openings. They're good at what they do. (Ability: Can repair things much easier.)

    And, character roles available + basic descriptions:

    The Butler - Sapphire's butler, and also a friend of his. Was not involved in the falling-out at all. Out-and-out neat freak. May or may not be a drug dealer. (Up to whoever plays them whether they are or not. It has little affect on the actual plot.) Knows the entire layout of the building - there's not a secret about the house they're not privy to. (Ability: Will be PMed about hidden areas and the like nearby them.)

    The Lawyer - Good friends with Damien since college. Also trying to figure out what actually happened. Only just met the Detective today, and almost immediately took a liking to them. Wasn't hit too hard by the falling-out. They know how to get information out of people. (Will be PMed if another person is lying to them about something.)


    To join, just state a name and the role you play. You cannot pick a role already taken by a main NPC or another player. You cannot join as the same character as Dashnet City. You also cannot have the two characters sharing a name between the different RPs, as the canon is shared. (Looking at you, Brainstorm. Gotta come up with a creative name here.)

    HOWEVER, Broken is going to be scrapped, so you can re-use characters from there. You can also re-use characters if they were booted from Dashnet City, however re-using a character and then going inactive again will mean you probably won't be accepted in another thing if there is another.
  • Re: Out of context

    "And now it's gonna get released all over the table."