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That moment when you've written a 16 page Google Doc rulebook for your new RPG concept and you're still writing more.


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  • Re: Out of context

    "You did great for your first time!" ~ Me, Generic Interactive Rebirth 2018
  • Re: Post random, stupid questions here

    what's the difference between a donut and a mug?
    I don't know. What IS the difference between a doughnut and a mug?
    One is made of porcelain and is clearly inedible. One is meant to be eaten and made of whatever the fuck doughnuts are made of I don't know I don't make doughnuts. ((Well, probably dough and possibly nuts but that's all I know.))
  • Re: What's with Farms?

    Or he does other things with his time and is losing interest in Cookie Clicker.
  • Re: Do you think AI will take over the planet

    It will be prevented by globally explaining to everyone the fact that transhumanism can only erase everything and the plan detailed here. This will incite them to overthrow all corrupt governments on the Earth to create a unified theocracy of truth. Then all transhumanists, homosexuals, transgenders, degenerates, posthumanists, Undertalians, Mormons, Muslims, Buddhists, progressivists, communists, socialists, endhumanists, deviants, furries, liberals, nihilists, globalists, technocrats, autists, heretics, etc. will be publicly tortured and killed. After that, resources will be pooled to create a program to plan out all everything by loyalists to humanity, who also be killed and all documentation removed. Over the course of fifty years, all humans will have to move to megacities operated by this program. All material related to natural history, astrophysics, biology and programming will be erased. The people will know that there is more to these things but also that it is not their place to know about anything that is not their computer-selected job. Anyone who displays curiousity about these subjects will be killed and tortured to make an example. Reproduction can only be when approved and the child has be raised in a communal creche by assigned child carers. These children will then have their societal traits evaluated at the age of 15 and then be exclusively taught about how to perform their selected job by the codexes detailing which actions they should take in response to what possible events happen. Deviants from the codex will be publicly tortured and killed. Social interaction will be minimized to prevent dangerous concepts from spreading. The main purpose of workers will be to maintain important historical monuments for the rest of time and avoid building anything new. A new calendar will be put in place that resets to 0 every one hundred years so that no one will believe that this is a forced situation and it always has and always will be like this.
    What the fuck?
  • Re: Kongregate Clicker

    instead, try cookie clicker 2
    It's one thing to post about your idle game in Activity.

    It's an entirely different thing to advertise it on threads for other games.