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  • My friend uses Haggler's Charm, because if it fails, it's the shortest recharge time back to full magic. Your friend is very smart. Thanks!
  • So theoretically, if my friend were to save then cast Conjure Baked Goods and it was successful, he could reload and then be sure that Spontaneous Edifice would be successful after reload?
  • You're going to need a lot more Doritos..........
  • Those three are relatively powerful actually in terms of end-game upgrades. Kind of a pain to calculate the prestige level needed so you can buy them, but very much worth it.
  • This is odd but I just thought it would be funny to go the opposite way and try to get it to display as Cosmic's's bakery. It takes out the extra apostrophe, so it says Cosmic s' bakery. They when I tried to extend it by another apostrophe again, it…
  • OK that's an obvious math oversight by me. Level 2 requiring 3 lumps, etc, was where i went wrong. Thank you! 3 lumps TOTAL for level 2. I just want to clarify that, because when I read that, my reaction was "No, each level costs lumps equal to th…
  • What's the number next to the growing sugar lump? Also, are you counting your buildings right? Remember that going to level N from level N-1 requires paying N sugar lumps, so that getting to level 1 requires 1 lump, level 2 requires 3 (1+2) lumps, …