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  • it wouldn't say fail if it's correct. it's not "hidden if 0" but "hidden when 0". many things have changed from the old IGM so many commands are different :)
  • NEW V1.3 - Added achievements and upgrades (21 & 20) - Balanced (upgraded) Golden taste upgrades - Corrected a couple mistakes
  • "hidden when 0" The thing will be hidden if its amount is 0 or less (if it is a resource or building) or if you do not own it (if it is an upgrade or achievement). look at this page, orteil.dashnet.org/igm/help.html and of course you don't want to …
  • some descriptions are still the same as your travel agency ones. But this one is more interesting because the building have names and not just numbers :)
  • there is an error, "couldn't parse author:Yosuke" You need to use this: Let's make a game! name: (of the game) by: (your name) desc: created: updated: version:
  • Small Update v1.2 For more balance and easier progression I changed the building price increase from +115% to +112% and also changed the selling price to 70% instead of 50% Reduced price of some upgrades according to the new prices
  • V1.1 is online! +10 production upgrades +5 building upgrades +10 achievements +1 upgrade to unlock the second special building (you don't lose your progression when "re"unlocking it) First special building now reaches lvl 50 (+2 upgrades) Second sp…
  • 1) The balance between the first buildings and last buildings is of. There is no reason to level up the early buildings for what they gain you. Either make the later ones more expensive or the earlier once better I'm constantly working on it with…
  • •Error on line "no click" [An after effect block was not closed properly.] I failed at changing something yesterday, it's been corrected! The colored Poop things which fall from above can not be clicked is this intentional? yes, but a frien…
  • thanks a lot guys! I thought i would have to figure it all out by myself hahaha Is it possible to give a strict number of ressources by clicking the main button? i want to give only 1 of a ressource with clicks but it's boosted by the upgrades and…
  • I managed to figure out the :ps and :earned commands with the "thingkey" code. I'm still wondering how i should incorporate my icons so i don't need to upload them one by one on a hosting site? same for the shiny, and i haven't tried to put the st…