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  • This is actually already implemented, but it's only currently accessible by using the console or debug mode. Put this into the javascript console in your browser to see it: G.setSetting('tieredDisplay',true); I bet there is someone smarter than m…
    in Research tree Comment by E_Z April 2017
  • Have either of you taken advantage of the other options available to the Clothier? “Sew Hide Clothing” does not need leather, and neither does “Sew Grass Clothing”. These may not be the best clothing options but I found that with using what resource…
  • Here are other possibilities for similar results * Add another icon for Gatherer (that splits from Gatherer like Firekeepers?) to create a new unit (Forager? or Foraging party if more than 1 worker?) to gather a specific "Gatherer" resource that r…
  • It looks like this one is made of BONES! (NOT a suggestion for the game, just a note of an awesome pic!) Thank you Ossuary
    in Cremation Comment by E_Z April 2017
  • Cremation would be really powerful. It should be hard to unlock. Like advanced traits or religious buildings... In the same idea, I was thinking about cemetaries (multiple people in a single spot): honestly, one spot for a *single* corpse, it is re…
    in Cremation Comment by E_Z April 2017
  • Farms: like wells, but for food floating platforms: made with basic building materials, uses ocean space, turns ocean space into land More great suggestions for a great game. May I humbly add for discussion: * Irrigation? - Farms may require a s…
  • It would help clean things up quite a bit, especially late in the game when land usage is at a premium, to dispose of corpses in some way other than occupying a grave for a few decades. For example: Crematorium as building occupies 1 land, and uses…
    in Cremation Comment by E_Z April 2017
  • Very nice! Keep going! Come back! I may have limited time/access but it looks like I am not the only one looking forward to how this game develops. Please take my observations as incentive to continue your creation! * Tweak the game progression b…
  • Even with that mode on, they still only eat spoiled food / drink muddy water when there's no more good food/water, no? I have noticed the icons for "bad " food and water "flash red" as "good" gets real low regardless but yes, I have also noticed t…
  • I use the Architect only as an Undertaker (until later in the game) to prevent the "upkeep costs" of replacing the older "shelter" buildings that the unit often builds. Here are a few more thoughts... * Maybe the Architect should only build the m…
  • I agree with all the "stick only" problems. Some ideas. * Maybe add option to both the Woodcutter and the Carpenter Workshop to only produce sticks? ( imho as an experienced woodworker, the shop should produce firewood whenever it is running ) *…
  • I am guessing that if any particular resource is not an option under the Policies tab (after completing all research), then maybe post it as a suggestion in another section of this forum. I am sure they plan to do more.
  • I know nothing about the coding behind these games. Sitting here I wonder if the game tracks individual worker units or if that is even necessary for what I visualize when I try to see where this fine game is going in its development. No matter, I a…
    in Idle elders Comment by E_Z March 2017
  • Oh yes, cannot agree more. Of course, knowing nothing about coding, it is easy for me to suggest an "obsolete" button. Maybe? :-)