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  • but what I'm going to do now is switch Breath of Milk for Earth Shatterer and start oscillating between 399 and 400 CMs with Spontaneous Edifice, which will get me more regular prestige gains (eventually, via the Chocolate egg) than waiting for the …
  • Did you buy some buildings the old fashioned way? It looks like your "cookies in bank" stat is 131 duodecillion lower than your "cookies baked (this ascension)." If you sell and restock a chancemaker 4 times, that should push your "cookies in bank" …
  • Spontaneous Edifice can bring about immense increases in Prestige for no cost whatsoever. That is until everything hits 400 at which point there are no more gains to be had.) Why stop there? sell one chancemaker and cast again. So, this is the…
  • If you invoke Spontaneous Edifice with less than 400 of some buildings, you will still get those returns, they just won't be quite as big. Granted, selling the 396th Chancemaker won't net you as much as selling the 400th. The question is, though, is…
  • I believe my reasoning would still apply if you are using the above strategy involving Spontaneous Edifice. It's definitely worth considering that in a normal run, but I'm not sure that the cookies generated by buildings are even relevant with thi…
  • So, this is my first post here, but I'm a loyal non-cheater and I just thought of a decently powerful cookie-generation strategy for idle play (because I don't have time to babysit this game) and I figured I'd share it here in case it's news to anyb…
  • Hey, while you guys are running all these analyses I'd like to point out that there are a couple scenarios left to consider. It's my pet theory that it might actually be the most profitable to stop buying bingo center researches after "exotic nuts,"…
  • Cookie Clicker is somehow unique among "busywork" games, as I've never been sucked in by any others. I think Tycho from Penny Arcade says it best: "I would have gotten here a lot sooner if it weren’t for Cookie Clicker. Man, f*** that guy. You wo…