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  • I open the chest. In the chest, you see a little baby-wrinkler eating a cookie! Pick it up?
  • ''i dont even remember'' Then you remember. You tell the grandma the story, and wait for an answer... where did you get the rollin pin? "OOps, wait. Now I remember. I found it in a safehouse. I am supposed to end the war with it." What is your s…
  • where did you get the Rollin pin? Before you manage to ask, the grandma asks why you are staring at the weapond. What to ask? yes. You ask the question, but see that the fellow grandma wanted to say something to. What to say now?
  • yes. You are going to walk against the grandma, but it comes to you instead. It says: "oh,hi. Do you have any kittens?" You see it has a golden rolling pin. What to say? ''oh,hi.'' i ask her if she has any kittens/cats You start to talk, and you…
  • run away you run away, and hide in the mall. Suddenly, you spot a fellow grandma! talk to her? the mall You go to the mall, and spot a grandma. Talk to her?
  • yes! Where should you search first? grab a random golden cookie,click it,get clicket frenzy,murder the spirit The spirit is to powerfull! It nockes you back with the red rolling pin! What to do?
  • I open the chest!
  • ._. Suddenly, the grandmatriac dies of hunger! But a spirit comes out of the shadow! It takes the weapond, and storms towards you! Attack back or run away? @Brainstorm : You stood there so long, that you starved to death! GAME OVER
  • read it It says: this weapond is given to someone brave, to help a fellow grandma end thie grandma wars. Use it to do good, because this weapond is made by Serapim himself, with the help of kitten angels and Elder Santa himself. You are holding a …
  • yes You take the rolling pin, and feel stronger than ever. It's written something on it. Read it?
  • click it You click the cookie, and it transformes into a SILVER ROLLING PIN. Take it?
  • keep salvaging. the dead dragon is still dead so there is no point in doing anything with it other than moving it. You keep salvaging, and find a golden cookie! Click it? huh! interesting... i explore further. You explore more, and find a black…
  • salvage everything I can including my backup rollin pin you salvage what you can, and found out that the only thing you have after your mom, is destroyed. Rage at the dead dragon, or keep salvaging? Adopt. Huh. Didn't know kitties were in this gam…
  • get some food You go to the normal grandma center, and buy some sh*t. When you get home again, you see that a dragon's dead body has smashed your house! What to do?
  • Click it, for sure! You click the golden cookie, and a kitty apears! adopt or leave? I'm jumping into this! silver colored grandma singularity rolling pin normal grandma You are hiding. The temple next to your house were just destroyed, and your…
  • Investigate. Keep my rolling pin at the ready in case something attacks me. (woops, I wrote in the wrong storyline) You go around in the shopping center, and after a while you spot a living grandma, whitch has a golden weapond! Go and talk, or con…
  • RUN!!!!! (sorry for late answer) you run out of the building, and see a safehouse. Explore it, or run more? Head out to get some food. You head to the shopping center. Inside, you can see that everyone in the shopping center is... DEAD! Find out…
  • I know it sounds obvious, but it's worth a shot. Are you leaving the Golden Switch on? Nope
  • somehow change my golden pickaxe rolling pin to a lava pickaxe rolling pin (electricity is still coming out of it and its a bit golden too.) and attack ..did you forget about dis? I'm waiting for Brainstorm...
  • Investigate!
  • i go to gain information on the dragon you go outside, and follows the dragon. After following the dragon for a while, you rest. After resting, you start to walk in the direction the dragon flew. Then you see a destroyed temple, with a dead dragon…
  • Strange, it never happens to me. No notification, no cookie, even wrath? The notificasion comes, but no cookie what so ever...
  • Why not? ((FYI: You can edit the main post to change the section that it's in.)) Grandma type: Transmuted Grandma Grandma weapon: A gold-plated rolling pin with a silver blade sticking out of the top. Side: Normal Grandmas Your home. Thanks to si…
  • I kick her in the crotch The grandma blocks, and try to hit your head! You block again the attack. What will your next attack be? (after the attack:) i block the attack fast and then attack back The grandmatriac tries to kick your croch, but you…
  • Attack. You run against the grandma. What will your first attack be? continue moving with lots of courage A grandmatriac runs against you! How will you protect yourself?
  • find out but before that,combine all my other rolling pins with the golden one and feed the kittens more and then get ready to fight if its a grandmatriac that wants to kill/infect me You combine the rolling pins, and get a golden rolling pin-pick…
  • focus on the grandmatriacs you continue killing the grandmatriacs. You spot something red in the shadows. Find out what it is?
  • to the grandma center You go to the grandma center, and start recking the grandmatriacs. Destroy their food too, or focus on the grandmatriacs?
  • gets the golden rolling pin ''time to end this.'' summons my cursors and goes out and feeds both cats with milk Good luck! says the spirit. You feel more powered than ever. The spirit fades away. Where will you go first?
  • LEts go in you go in. And buy some groceries. But then, someone drags you into the shadows... A fellow grandmatriac says: "Take this weapond! You need to destroy a grandma! It has got a weapond, which is powered by golden cookies! It gives you a g…