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  • so only way to get to 6x6 garden is to buy 600 farms? that's a bit costy.
  • oh man, this game is becoming more active playing than idle game if plants wither after x hrs. other addons I haven't found any use (no idea if there are achievements) but this I apparently have to use..
  • i'm starting to bit dislike double cookies, 2 times in 2 days double golden cookies both have given frenzy and today during cookie chain I got twice double cookie and I got only 5 chain cookies before chain ended so didn't get what I normally get fr…
  • well double reindeers twice (still counting as 1 popped each time) and double cookies once (sadly it was frenzy and clicking booster). sadly it doesn't apply to sugar lumps (atm its up 1 building every 5th day).
  • well for some reason xmas etc are now clickable after I started pledge or after pledge ended. go figure why those weren't clickable before.
  • Did refresh (that's how I noticed that CC has xmas going on) and browser closing and reboot (later since MS gave some update in the middle of night which required reboot) but no avail, all holidays are unclickable and can't be activated. here's my …
  • just clicked cookie which gave 1 (!) sugar lump and that doesn't help me much (although I got 4th lump to upgrade shipments to lvl4 but that's very small boost). 122 lumps harvested and some lump achievements gotten but still I think that lumps don…
  • game really requires big display since until today I didn't know there was new building due not enuf cookies to buy more prisms so no reason to scroll down there but now I have 250 of that new building (and achievements it gave which'll take a while…
  • skruula is nice if tries to get elder frenzy during xmas season but rest are semi-useless.
  • is it intentional that news don't stay on their own section when playing with small browser window (to maximize reindeers)? now news quite often prevent seeing what's happening on middle sector and potentially can prevent player to see gc (maybe lon…
  • Cookie Chains keep bugging, just got 86.42 octillion cookies from CC (clicked cookie and got msg saying cookie chain ended etc) and I have over 21k nontillion cookies in hand and get over 12k septillion cookies per second so I should have gotten atl…
  • downloadable if offline production is same as online.
  • I have now gotten this thrice and 2nd time it was long frenzy x2 and then lucky gc and 3rd time was frenzy and building booster and then lucky gc.
  • yea wrath cookie stays ~50 secs but getting elder frenzy is like 1 in a million chance (with my luck in CC more like 1 in billion).
  • popping reindeer during elder frenzy reqs alot luck since even getting elder frenzy is difficult and popping reindeer during 12 or so secs ain't much easier.
  • I just got 2 gcs during 1 frenzy and nearly got it 2 times in row since frenzy (2nd gc gave it) ended just before next gc came.
  • atleast 2 new achievements, early bird: click gc right after (less than 1 second) it appears (if gets lucky and gc appears where cursor is) and fading luck: click cookie chain cookie just (less than 1 second) as it disappears and dumb gc which fills…
  • I liked old more where could see properly how much left on next gc. They added more different type GCs too and I'm not so sure if those are better than old 1s since I don't think for example 1 min booster to cursors is that useful.
  • slightly yes but not that much that clicks get registered ~1 min later.
  • few times my cookie chain has ended after 777777 sextillion cookies w/o next cookie ever appearing.
  • Apparently Version 2's Fancy Graphics are too much for Intel GMA with autoclicker on (clicking faster than 1 click per 15 ms) and disabling all graphic enchantements (cursors, particles and milk) and autoclicker clicking once every millisecond cause…
  • well mine ain't fixed unless i start other season (or do reset), xmas season is still greyed.
  • any info when this gets fixed?
  • why on earth you purchased business season?
  • haven't encountered this past ~1.5 years before version 2.
  • 1. I have same bug and don't wanna pay extra everytime I want to use xmas season (due obvious reason: IT CUTS USAGE OF XMAS SEASON TO HALF). Besides switching to xmas worked just fine once after updating to version 2 2. What's Frozen Cookies? 3. I…
  • red: yea there are apparently although cc wiki doesn't mention it but does it give or take cookies no idea (prolly takes aka is opposite of lucky cookie since at that time lucky cookie gave ~120 quintillion cookies and rush cookie's amount was ~half…
  • according to Riimu's speedtest my autoclicker does ~900 clicks (~40 clicks per second) inside 26 secs so 10 quintillion * 900 clicks = 9 sextillion but ingame I get only ~7 sextillion (just got 2 fcfs and each gave me ~7 sextillion so ~2 sextiilion …
  • its gets bit complicated when adding clicks like 900 inside 26 secs and result is over 9 sextillion and it just sounds weird.
  • And here's 3rd time: MS4wNDY2fHwxNDIzOTI2MTczODE4OzE0MDE5MTc2NzUwOTg7MTQyODAzMzA5NTU1MDtNYW15IHMgQ29va2llfDExMTExMTAxMTAwfDMuMjc3NzU1NzE5MDIxMzIxZSsyMjs1LjIyMzk0ODI1OTU5NjA1N2UrMjM7MzA3MjA4NTsxMzU1MzsxLjM0NDE2MDMxMzg3NDYxMjRlKzIzOzE0NjIxMDsxOzE7OS4…