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  • Ok, so you understand it now? Because up here it sounded like you thought that the tick wasn't happening: Hmm. That reload scumming idea just doesn't work with me. I tried it with saving 2 secs before the tick, and again with 6 secs before the tick,…
  • Yeah, the whole point of savescumming is you keep reloading your old save until you get a good result. 1. Save seconds before a tick 2. If the tick is good, save again and stop following these steps 3. If the tick is bad, reload without saving and s…
  • Hmm. That reload scumming idea just doesn't work with me. I tried it with saving 2 secs before the tick, and again with 6 secs before the tick, but as soon as I reload I see the tick has already been there and the counter is back at 3 minutes. Cou…
  • Alright so I drew this and used it as my avatar: And then I tried to add shading to it and went crazy with the watercolor brush, but I don't think it looks any better. I don't think I'll use it as my new avatar, but I still wanted to show it.
  • I like this poll. I'm really feeling it! I main Shulk in his underwear.
  • Only mods can delete discussions. However, I've moved the thread for you, so you don't have to delete it.
  • Works fine for me in Chrome, but I have never used Chromium. Well, except that one time that I accidentally installed it instead of Chrome. I fixed that before really using it, though.
  • I'm sorry, but I highly doubt you'll get anyone to join in on this. People aren't going to want to link their Facebook with this forum.
  • Oh, you're not talking about just a 3x3 plot; you mean a 3x3 section of a larger plot.
  • Good ol' Wall Destroyer's 4th birthday passed and no one was around to celebrate. There was a little celebration in Activity, specifically on @100lol 's profile.
    in Wall Destroyer Comment by Billabo May 11
  • Hmm, I'm pretty sure I first saw brown mold when I harvested a mature Meddleweed. The wiki backs that up, saying "Harvest mature Meddleweed (Based on plant age)"
  • And where would this counter be saved? :thinking:
  • Huh? Without modifications, ripening time is 3 hours after maturing time. Also harvesting it once it's mature but not ripe is risky if you want to avoid save-scumming. Sorry, I meant 3 (actually, I just forgot). Everything else I said still works…
    in sugar lumps Comment by Billabo May 6
  • That it strange. I use AdBlock Plus and it works fine. There should be settings that you can set per website, allowing you to allow Cookie Clicker's content but not the ads. Of course, by allowing the ads, you're supporting the game, so that's an up…
  • It makes sense to me. Maturing time and ripening time are separate, and both are based on the time the lump started to grow. If you reduce maturing time, you can manually harvest it earlier, and if you reduce ripening time, it will automatically dro…
    in sugar lumps Comment by Billabo May 6
  • Wow, your computer doesn't have USB ports? If that really is true--which it would be if "20yearold" is literal--then I guess "Get a new computer" is the answer.
  • Alright, since I said I would update once my trial new run got to +4 prestige: It took me 1 day, 1 hour to get to +1 prestige, and then the additional +3 took me another 1 day, 4 hours. I do wish I had manually kept track of how many hours I was act…
  • This poll needs a "get a new keyboard" option. Unless the keys were ON your computer, in which case it might not be that bad an idea to get that looked at. Maybe you get someone to fix it. My MacBook Pro lost performance with its D... and then l…
  • This poll needs a "get a new keyboard" option.
  • Ok, so it sounds like you agree that in the current version where you don't need to ascend to unlock sugar lumps, you shouldn't ascend with only 1 prestige point. That is a good point about the importance of sugar lumps, though. The fresh run I was …
  • Keep in mind that all the other buildings past grandmas benefit from grandmas. They work in the shadows, using their numbers to influence the higher-production buildings.
  • They very obviously are. "You could have stopped it" by not buying those grandmapocalypse upgrades. "It thought it could get rid of us by selling us" is added in if you have the achievement for selling at least one grandma. "It has betrayed us, filt…
    in Is it just me? Comment by Billabo May 2
  • This would be pretty powerful, so it would have to be an expensive prestige upgrade if anything, in my opinion. Or it could also cost a sugar lump.
  • No, I didn't take 2 weeks to get to 101 Prestige. It took 2 weeks for me to get to where I had 100 Prestige to spend on the first Permanent upgrade. In that 2 weeks, I had already gotten Legacy (+1%), Heavenly Cookies(+10%), How to Train Your Drago…
  • @Maddie Did you do another test using your active-when-not cheats to see if you could get to 100 prestige faster than the ~14 days it took you by ascending at those shorter intervals? Because the thing is, you start gaining prestige faster the longe…
  • Definitely do not prestige as soon as you get the first one. If you get 101, that is a decent time to ascend because you can buy the permanent upgrade slot in addition to getting double CPS on your next run. Or you can go for more if you feel like i…
  • I'm lazy and I hate myself for it. I want to do things and then I just don't.
  • Well, I'm not a REAL mod at this point, and Zuptin is an admin, so technically none? I've unmarked you for now.
  • I grew up Catholic, and ironically right after I went through Confirmation is when I stopped going to church. I think you don't need a new religion to replace it; just have your own set of morals that you follow. Believe in kindness to others... or …