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I just found out that August 2013 was less than 1 second ago! (Spoiler)


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  • In other news, my latest meaty lump has again produced zero sugar lumps. That's three out of the last three. I wonder what the probabilities are and if there is something I'm doing which is making this event more likely. If it's equal probabilities …
  • From looking in the code, the type is determined when it spawns. The function is Game.computeLumpType and it is called during Game.loadLumps (loading a save where the lump has dropped while you were offline), Game.doLumps (ascending), and Game.click…
  • As discussed in this thread, it's because it's a seed: http://forum.dashnet.org/discussion/16129/wizard-spells-all-backfiring-forever Gouchnox posted in Activity later that you can enter this into the console to change the seed: Game.seed=Game.make…
  • I agree, or round up instead of down, and have it be a pleasant surprise if people get to use their spell "early."
  • Buy it once to get the achievement for buying it, but then revoke it. You're correct that wrinklers give a huge boost, so Elder Covenant is not worth it. Elder Pledge is better because it lets you click golden cookies without inflicting the CPS pena…
  • Yes, you'll get a message including "harvested n sugar lumps while you were away."
  • I came for Minecraft: Story Mode
  • The numbers seem too high to me, but I like the ideas. The Business Day one would have to scale in some way that you couldn't have 1000 banks and buy an indefinite number of prisms for free. Even 40% is huge. For the Easter one, I think 20 minutes …
  • Though, given the game, I guess there could be abandoned corners of factories that have been overrun with sentient flour and whatnot. If you play the dungeon beta ( http://orteil.dashnet.org/cookieclicker/betadungeons/ ) you can see that that's ex…
  • I buy all the upgrades, excepting only research upgrades from Communal Brainsweep forward (since I want to stay in the first stage of the Grandmapocalypse) and, of course, the Chocolate Egg (until I'm ready to ascend). But I've also got well over 5…
  • @dpareja could you PM me or post your save code? I'm really curious now. Sorry Bob and readers for taking this thread off-topic... That doesn't factor in the synergies (that boost other buildings) and Grandma types, though. That would be why, th…
  • Actually, for me, because of the synergy upgrades, Farms produce significantly more per building than Grandmas I have all of the synergy upgrades and I looked at the "each grandma produces ___" and "each farm produces ___" to see which makes more…
  • So you make more cookies than it costs to buy back all your farms? Why do you choose to sell farms as opposed to cursors which you would presumably have more of? Farms make the least CPS per building when fully upgraded, even less than cursors an…
  • read the fine print on holobore Aaah, I read that the first time I looked at it, but I forgot! My mistake.
    in Pantheon Bug Comment by Billabo July 19
  • I'm always at work when sugar lumps ripen :( It happens at 5am for me. Invest at least one into Temples, and use the guy that makes sugar lumps fall sooner, until it comes around to a time where you're active. And then cross your fingers and hop…
  • Yes that's because of the upgrades that allow it to exceed 100%, therefore making it an incorrect display But I mean I don't think mousing over the Legacy tab should show the number higher than 100%. Like, if you haven't bought any of the upgrades…
  • I think it makes sense to display the 100% potential when you mouse over the Legacy tab. The larger multiplier is 1% higher than what your prestige level alone is providing.
  • It's not a bug Edit: The original post was from May 30, about a month and a half before the sugar lump update. Please don't necrobump stuff like this.
  • A similar bug to what was first reported, except it does show up as empty: When I triggered a Dragonflight, my second slot, which had Holobore in it, suddenly became empty. edit: oops.
    in Pantheon Bug Comment by Billabo July 18
  • You can see the patch notes under the Info tab. Sugar Lumps, which can unlock 2 "minigames," some new achievements, new cookies, a few new prestige upgrades.
  • Courtesy of Jarr: http://i.imgur.com/7Dpb16R.jpg Ignore the added images on the side, of course, and the green tint was only on stickied posts. Normal threads had the light grey checkered background.
  • What is the air-speed velocity of an unladen swallow? Um... seventeen? *Casts you into the Gorge of Eternal Peril*
  • What is the air-speed velocity of an unladen swallow?
  • WHAT... is your favorite color?
  • What jars me the most is the dark grey and the light grey. I don't know why people say purple and white don't go together, when Rarity, the most beautiful of the ponies, uses a purple and white color scheme.
  • Obviously the mistake here was to upgrade to Communal Brainsweep (and further) back in the first few minutes of the game seven weeks ago. Shan't be doing that again. Alternatively, you could use Elder Pledge while you're active so you would be gua…
  • I didn't see the last option before I voted, but they're both true.
  • If I were writing the game, I'd make it so that clicking on a Wrath Cookie automatically saves the game. To encourage what can honestly be boiled down to save scumming? I'm pretty sure it's not meant to be a thing you can do. In fact, Orteil . . …
  • There are 250 comments total (251 now), not new since your last view. Unless the "new comment" counter messed up for you.
  • It looks like cursor and grandma should be lower thresholds, or the rest should be higher? Grandmas and cursors make more than some of the intermediate buildings, so I don't think that's a mistake. They gain a lot of synergies. In my main file, ba…