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  • Top right of the page, "New Discussion" then make sure to select the correct subforum from the dropdown menu.
  • Where was the latest WD update link posted? I thought it was in activity but can't find it and I had to reboot my PC so now I've lost my game unless I find that link. If you mean @100lol 's update to the game, yeah he posted in activity, so it's o…
  • Where's @ExplodingCamel when you need him?
  • "Challenge mode: Born Again" means that you get no benefit from your prestige level or any prestige upgrades. Unless you're going for a specific achievement like Hardcore, Speed Baking, or Neverclick/True Neverclick, you should just ascend normally.
  • No, that would not be great.
  • Hi Elaine, nice to meet you! I would tell you to select the hard-to-read text in order to paste it somewhere else, but Cookie Clicker doesn't let you select text anymore. It is just a warning that the upgrade is going to make some "irreversible" ch…
  • ^^For example some time ago I read instructions in the Wiki on how to get a particular achievement. I forget which one, but it involved changing the bakery name. When I did so, a red menu appeared above the big cookie that made it obvious that this …
  • I suppose not... but why would you? What advantage does that give you? If you hold down the click and un-click buttons, it will click rapidly, fast enough to give the Uncanny Clicker achievement. That allows you to just hold down two keys to get …
  • Perhaps you sold a ton of buildings to boost your cookies in the bank, thinking that you would thereby get more heavenly chips, but it does not work like that. Those cookies that were used to buy the buildings have already been made, they cannot be …
  • I drew this a few hours ago. He is Billa, based on my mouse from Transformice. NSFW sketch version linked inside this spoiler: (Spoiler) I'm not a furry... I swear! It's just that the only guy I chat with regularly these days is a furry, so...
  • Damn, maindog, back at it again with the new threads!
  • It's an April Fools Day holiday. It'll be gone the next time you load the game, because it only lasts one day. Or maybe 2. Either way, it's over now.
  • Giving yourself accepted answers is bad etiquette. And I think it breaks the rules, because it's giving yourself points.
    in whats 9+10 Comment by Billabo March 30
  • The save is stored on your computer, so your new computer doesn't have the save data. If you still have your old computer, just click "Export Save," copy that code and paste it online somewhere (Google Docs would work, or any other place where you c…
    in lose save Comment by Billabo March 30
  • If you leave the game running when your computer goes to sleep, it will pick up right where it left off, at the time it went to sleep, so it will be as if no time passed at all in your game. So, you have two options: Disable your computer's sleep, w…
  • A nice Elder to bake more cookies.
    in Idle elders Comment by Billabo March 28
  • Usually just one, since that's what I'm directly responding to.
  • Just like everything and everyone else.
  • Also, your hunter isn't wounding your other Hunters. He just happens to be the only one alive from the others. No, he's saying he only made 1 hunter, but then 7 "hunters" get wounded, so it's affecting the other workers, not just the hunter(s).
  • CATS ARE GODS Egyptian confurmed
  • Who cares about double- or triple-posting, isn't this thread supposed to be about 'All thing Nested'? Obviously the mods care about double and triple posting, since Chisako has been merging double and triple posts, and posted a notice in Activity…
  • Those are two different auras. The one you're hovering over on top, you already know. The other one is a new one you would learn. Take a look:
  • I never posted in this thread... until now.
    in I never Comment by Billabo March 22
  • Unlikely. Orteil is working on his other idle game, Legacy right now.
    in Any update? Comment by Billabo March 15
  • The achievement is for 1 quadrillion cookies baked in a single run, not for cookies baked all time.
  • Favorite Sans X Frisk yaoi? Isn't frisk a grill? >frisk >canon gengar What Frisk's gender is not specified in-game, nor by the creator. Frisk has no canon gender, so Frisk can be a boy or a girl. Or whatever.
  • I wasn't actually participating; I was just trying to make a joke off of what DoomLordKravoka said. I agree with Tellurium, though "Awesome" is also used for posts that are funny but not necessarily awesome, and I think that's fine.
  • In the info tab of Cookie Clicker, under the heading "14/10/2013 - going for the gold" the last bullet point is "made good progress on the mobile port," so they were working on it before. However, they have given up, or at least made it a low priori…
  • why do you want to lick your p####? It's more common than you think!