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Billabo Mod

Cropped version of my latest artwork, a gift for a friend. I really like how the red-haired boy's face turned out.


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  • The thread about our stats is locked, but here's a graph of the comment activity from July 2015-July 2018. You can click the image to see the full sized graph. edit: I just realized the bottom is too low for the 2017-2018 graph. Still, it's pretty …
    in the forum Comment by Billabo July 17
  • Looks like the same thing happened here: http://forum.dashnet.org/discussion/17395/what-kind-of-sugar-lump-is-this and the cause is probably (this is just a guess) Chrome's tab didn't update correctly when the sugar lump should have fallen, so the r…
    in Sugar lump bug Comment by Billabo July 8
  • I actually don't? Never seen someone try to, like, "defend" hentai, as if it's something other than lewds up for faps or what have you. I haven't seen anyone try to say hentai isn't something you fap to, but I have seen people only refer to real-l…
  • Do you have any cats as pets?
  • Just leave off the http:// part in order to post the link.
  • Decorate it with Lolis or shotas, depending on the gender of the child.
  • Sorry, I actually meant your browser cookies. If you use Chrome, this may help: https://support.google.com/accounts/answer/32050
  • Have you tried clearing your cookies?
  • Snoop Dog Kill La Kill Theme That one was quite easy, i literaly just wrote "snoop dogg kill la kill version" You didn't even have to search for anything, because CN already posted it. Check the spoiler in his post. lol
  • @Catbert45 1. That's not really how that works... For one thing, I'm sure the admins and mods looked at the users' activities and discussed whether they would be potential mod material. Also, I was made a mod pretty recently, by complete surprise t…
    in New Mods Comment by Billabo May 31
  • Thanks. I am using Windows 8 and can't find Microsoft Paint This might help you: Once you open paint, you open the image, and then look around for the resize button. Also you seemed to be addressing that last line to me, so just so you know, I …
  • Resize the images first. You can use Microsoft Paint if you're using Windows, or if not, I'm sure Mac has something for resizing images. I can't remember if Preview can do that. Otherwise, there are various online tools such as resizeimage.net
  • I'm guessing you have some offline production via prestige upgrades. If you're trying to get the upgrades that need a prestige level ending in 777, etc, you'll just have to wait until you get enough prestige that the digits roll back around. For e…
  • For some reason I thought MS Paint could save transparent PNG files, but apparently not. Well, from a Google search of "make transparent png" I saw some online resources that might work. Or if you'd prefer to download something, GIMP is a free softw…
  • I think they meant as in claiming credit for the code That's addressed separately, with "and do not present it as your own." "do not re-host it" explicitly means... well, don't re-host it. On another website for people to use. Something to keep in…
    in SITE CODE Comment by Billabo May 25
  • (duplicate thread deleted) I would think the text in there saying "please do not re-host it" means that no, you are not allowed to host it somewhere else.
    in SITE CODE Comment by Billabo May 24
  • Ok, so you understand it now? Because up here it sounded like you thought that the tick wasn't happening: Hmm. That reload scumming idea just doesn't work with me. I tried it with saving 2 secs before the tick, and again with 6 secs before the tick,…
  • Yeah, the whole point of savescumming is you keep reloading your old save until you get a good result. 1. Save seconds before a tick 2. If the tick is good, save again and stop following these steps 3. If the tick is bad, reload without saving and s…
  • Hmm. That reload scumming idea just doesn't work with me. I tried it with saving 2 secs before the tick, and again with 6 secs before the tick, but as soon as I reload I see the tick has already been there and the counter is back at 3 minutes. Cou…
  • Alright so I drew this and used it as my avatar: And then I tried to add shading to it and went crazy with the watercolor brush, but I don't think it looks any better. I don't think I'll use it as my new avatar, but I still wanted to show it.
  • I like this poll. I'm really feeling it! I main Shulk in his underwear.
  • Only mods can delete discussions. However, I've moved the thread for you, so you don't have to delete it.
  • Works fine for me in Chrome, but I have never used Chromium. Well, except that one time that I accidentally installed it instead of Chrome. I fixed that before really using it, though.
  • I'm sorry, but I highly doubt you'll get anyone to join in on this. People aren't going to want to link their Facebook with this forum.
  • Oh, you're not talking about just a 3x3 plot; you mean a 3x3 section of a larger plot.
  • Good ol' Wall Destroyer's 4th birthday passed and no one was around to celebrate. There was a little celebration in Activity, specifically on @100lol 's profile.
    in Wall Destroyer Comment by Billabo May 11
  • Hmm, I'm pretty sure I first saw brown mold when I harvested a mature Meddleweed. The wiki backs that up, saying "Harvest mature Meddleweed (Based on plant age)"
  • And where would this counter be saved? :thinking: