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  • There are no sanctions, for sure. I've seen some players saying they got it, without cheating, and that was a bug. I don't know. You can use the console to remove it, but keep in mind that it has no consequence.
  • How would the boxes pop up? Most of us let the game play for hours without touching it...
  • Read what I just said. It is not 100% chance, it is about as hard to get as hardcore baking or neverclick.
  • No. There are many topics about this in the forum, but it's actually pretty easy to get with a little bit of strategy. The basic principe is, during christmas, to wait for clicking your golden and wrath cookies until a deer pops. Then you click rap…
  • Metal tools are available with "smelting" technology (you unlock furnaces, to make metal ingots, and blacksmith workshop that make metal tools). Ascending is available if you have built a mausoleum, that you can unlock only if you got the trait "be…
  • Orteil should add public baths for upgrading health. Especially since it is hard to upgrading health. I have never been able to get it above 12 or 13%. Maybe starting by a "rule" that allows people washing themselves in water (using water), then …
  • On the upper right corner of your icon, there is a small square icon that you can click. Click on it and stay, some option will appear. You can change the "off" mode to "any" or the type of mineral you want to dig (for mines). You can do that for m…
  • There is a "tips" icon (a "?") in the upper left corner, with a few starting tips. You can give a "job" to every adult in your tribe. Be careful to balance properly those jobs, so that you always have enough food and water for everyone (always keep…
  • My thought process is, you can unlock "egg" by clicking on golden cookies, and it costs 999 to buy your first egg which you can raise via cookie clicks. So essentially, there is a challenge of patience, waiting to get the right egg, and clicking the…
  • Weird. Never seen this... Try refreshing, or event saving in a file and loading from this file after deleting your cookies. Try also changing settings (fancy graphics, particles, etc).
  • And to unlock this upgrade, you need to have the "7 grandma types" achievement : having 7 types of grandma (farmer grandmas, miner grandmas, etc).
  • You mean exploring your tile increases the available resources? Interesting. That wasn't explained in the game (well, nothing was explained...). I will try that.
  • In my opinion, with the new sugar lump upgrades, you should ascend first quite quickly, after having a couple HC. If you think you would need more than 24h to get to a hundred HC, then ascend. The sugar lump upgrades really help. On a new run (I wa…
  • This is useless and fun. I like it :) And a minigame for egg!
  • I have seen this as well. It comes from the "Distilled essence of redoubled luck" heavenly upgrade. Sometimes the reindeer is doubled :)
  • I think the first chip is at one trillion cookies, but I might be wrong. It is more that one million, for sure. My advice is to ascend for the first time when you have a couple of HC (less than 10 is ok for the first). Then you will notice the avai…
  • Have you tried clearing your browser data? It would erase your save, obviously, but you have a back-up somewhere... ?
  • If you are using Holobore, why don't you use the golden switch?
  • I agree. Having hard-to-get upgrades (expensive, in terms of HC, cookies or even sugar lumps themselves... or minigames maybe?) that would help get sugar lumps faster would be nice for both reasons: - Getting the sugar lumps achievements would be ac…
    in Sugar Lumps Comment by Sekhmet August 13
  • I agree for speed baking: it is not just plain luck. I think it has been removed because of the legacy updates that makes it too easy to get. But if they worked like "neverclick" (you need to use the "born again" mode), they would become fair again.…
  • Right, for what it's worth I've just played two live versions in parallel for the past half hour (I know, not a huge amount of time). One screen was running Radiant Appetite, the other Dragon's Fortune. Active play. No cookie storms occurred but the…
  • I've seen "You click has been registered. Thank you for your cooperation" on clicking on a golden cookie. I smiled :)
  • I like the idea of several types of wrinklers. However, I think that the effects are very strong (both good and bad). But the principle is nice. :)
  • Nice idea, but there is already an aura for chancemaker... "+7cps per active buff". I'm wondering what count as a buff... but that seems less efficient than breath of milk...
  • By the way, the sugar lumps are supposed to grow when the game is closed. But are they supposed to be auto-harvested as well? I'm leaving for a 1-week trip so that would be nice...
  • It might because you don't have the requirements: 1 worker, 1 stone tool and 100 food units. (the 100 food is the reason I can't seem to find a way to survive in a desert or ice desert: the time when I get the scouts I don't have food anymore, and …
  • Restarting worked. Thanks! :) By the way, it would be convenient if you could edit your first post to put there a link with the latest version, which is always a bit hard to find in all the answers. :)
  • I've restarted the game, and now I see it appearing in the list of technologies. :) Edit: I still see it, but it doesn't seem to unlock... what is wrong with my game? Here's my save file: https://pastebin.com/dkqBS7cR
  • Hmmm... "spiritualism" does not appear in my list of research, and I'm using the "research tier" option... (I think I got all the technologies since I'm building my mausoleum and I have been seeing the message "There is nothing to research" for a w…
  • Nice idea. I'll be happy to see more mods into this one. :) I activated the "enable cremation technology", but which kind of trait/technology is supposed to unlock this technology?