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  • The only way I'm aware of to do something similar to what you're asking is like this: $phrase One individual - [An] [gender] [[race]|human][nationality]] [[spellcaster]|[religiousjob]] must go fix some stuff Two individuals - [An] [gender] [[rac…
  • This is a pretty cool generator, and it shows that you've really put some effort into it. One question about the source code, though: what do those prefixes on your variable names mean (Like YT, AD, EL, etc)? I'm not entirely sure what those stand f…
  • Basically, the generator syntax parses everything that's on a new line as a separate item. So if you want to have line breaks in your generator, you'll need to use the br HTML tag. It sounds like you need something like this: $list1 sample item 1…
  • Obligatory quicklink to generator This is one of my favorite generators that I've found so far. I really like everything flows together, and I learned a bit about how I can piece together narrative bits from the source code. One thing I would recom…
  • I made quicklinks for your generator because I was feeling nice. Warrior Name Random Pelt Relationships Fantasy Town Name Background Character Name My favorite of these is probably the background names generator, though the fantasy town name…
  • I have made a book Generator! I hope you all enjoy it! Pastebin/Gen Code: S6vPDKJX One of the little things that I really like about this generator is that it makes ISBN values that are actually syntactically correct for the language/country of p…
  • Just FYI, the first item in your list (WrestleMania (March 31, 1985)) won't ever show up as a result in your generator because the $ symbol in front of it means that list item is actually a variable name. To correct this, just remove the $ from in f…
  • I bumped the thread because it came up when I was searching for tutorials. There is a lot of stuff that isn't documented about RG and I thought it might do a favor to the community by pointing out dead links and saving a click for people that might …
  • This paste is no longer available. =(
  • I also agree that this would be a massively useful feature. Another thing I would love to see is "if statements"