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  • And remember, once you buy it once, put it in a permanent upgrade slot so you never have to go through that again.
  • Plus, when you go to sell them back at the end of your run, it does add to how much you'll get from the Chocolate egg.
  • I like the idea, I'm just going to note that it doesn't take too long to get to 10 billion cookies (which is well over the current population). I thought the population was like 7.2-8 billion? Yes, so, as I said, 10 billion is well over the cur…
  • I wouldn't be surprised if that's intentional specifically to stop that exploit.
  • Note that in another post I outlined how one might rack up sugar lumps quickly by exploiting Force the Hand of Fate if you find a suitable ascension; Which other post would that be? I'd sure be interested! Sugar lump upgrades take ages... About …
  • You can play infinitely if you'd like, but generally people consider the "endgame" to be when all upgrades and achievements are unlocked. Which, barring using debug upgrades (or getting a very lucky ascension), won't be possible for a good long wh…
  • Certainly not optimal, but: When active, I just go Godzamok/Selebrak, switching in Skruula for Godzamok when I'm ready to pop Wrinklers for any remaining Easter eggs and the Halloween cookies. I don't want to use spirits that decrease my GC duratio…
  • I like the idea, I'm just going to note that it doesn't take too long to get to 10 billion cookies (which is well over the current population).
  • Hopefully there'll be some new asymmetric upgrades (like the shakeup to synergies that I suggested a while ago to rebalance things) and impactful minigames coming soon. But as I've said I think there won't be any new upgrade--at least not one makin…
  • Switch to Business Day season and click GCs (or whatever they look like there). This already exists as Everything Must Go.
  • It's a debug upgrade.
  • The first time when you play the game. Yes, at 0 Cookies. So you unlock all the sugar lump upgrade. After that, going to 1 trillion is a cakewalk.cookiewalk. It doesn't count as an ascension if you haven't gotten at least 1 Heavenly Chip from it, …
  • Godzamok + rigging Force the Hand of Fate to have Click Frenzies, then firing them off during Frenzy/Building boost or Frenzy/Elder Frenzy. IMO the fact that FtHoF cannot give Click Frenzy when you have the Dragonflight aura set makes Dragonflight …
  • Level 43? How'd you get 946 sugar lumps?
  • I don't agree. With the new upgrade and sugar lumps, 101 HC takes several days (unless you play really active), and several days is enough to get a couple sugar lumps. I would say, when you have about 5-10 HC (the second ascension will wait until y…
  • Bare minimum, 101 Heavenly Chips.
  • But you keep the money you got for selling that CM. Anyway, you should probably sell whichever building gets you the most money (and can be replaced by Spontaneous Edifice).
  • This happened to me. My Pantheon was cleared and my spell count reset to 0. Thankfully I already had the 999 spells achievement, and I'm just idling, so resetting the Pantheon in one go doesn't bother me.
  • You're not missing anything, but if you do it for CMs instead, you'll get even more.
  • I haven't gotten one, but I'm not too chuffed; after all, it's only a Shadow Achievement.
  • To expand on the method I expounded in my previous post: What I would do if I really wanted to scum, is that I'd export my save right before I ascended, then, as soon as I ascended, I'd export again. I'd buy some Wizard Towers until I have enough …
  • Save, cast FtHoF, if it's a good result refresh and wait for the appropriate combination of boosts, if it's not refresh and cast Haggler's Charm, then save and check FtHoF again.
  • If you don't have the cookies necessary to purchase the full amount when you go to buy multiples, you get all the ones you can buy.
  • Turn off Dragonflight. Then Force the Hand of Fate can give you Click Frenzies. Rig one onto Force the Hand of Fate (or rig an Elder Frenzy onto it), and fire it off when you get Frenzy/Building Boost or Frenzy/Elder Frenzy. Also, have Godzamok se…
  • Yeah, I crept up on those last few points I needed for the 7, 777, and 777,777 by ascending just before the mark essentially to reset my CpS. (And getting extra ascensions toward that achievement.)
  • 154 main game and 139 beta; 20 billion prestige. I'm at the point now where it's almost worth shutting the game down as there's nothing to play for other than sugar lumps and they come whether or not the game's open. Need a new hidden game to boost …
  • Another thing you can do is rig an Elder Frenzy onto a Force the Hand of Fate-spawned cookie, wait for a deer to spawn, fire off FtHoF, get the EF, get the deer.
  • "Sweet" is a possible golden cookie outcome. It's really rare, but IIRC I've gotten two sugar lumps out of them. As for gameplay, I'd say the Grimoire and the Pantheon are a big boost to gameplay, and hopefully the other minigames will be similar b…
  • I don't mind the idea that it only can trigger when you do something that would mean that you are playing actively, like buying an upgrade or hitting a switch.
  • M.magicPS=Math.max(0.002,Math.pow(M.magic/Math.max(M.magicM,100),0.5))*0.002; M.magic+=M.magicPS; M.magic=Math.min(M.magic,M.magicM);