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  • The "Keepsakes" heavenly upgrade gives seasonal upgrades (Santa's gifts, Easter eggs--normal and rare, and Christmas, Halloween, and Valentine's cookies) a 20% chance of carrying over into the next ascension. They're not bought, just unlocked. If y…
    in v. 2.016 Comment by dpareja October 27
  • The Cursor/Fractal engine synergy.
  • At least Cursors now get their proper boost from Mice clicking mice. I think the synergies should be totally reworked, so that higher-half buildings exclusively have synergies with lower-half buildings. Yeah, we'd lose Factory-Bank some others, but…
  • Well, now it's like how Chancemakers and Antimatter condensers have a synergy that used to swamp everything, now the Prism-Fractal engine synergy dwarfs everything.
  • Both of my comments above still apply (as far as I can tell) in the 2.014 beta.
  • Fractal engines have a synergy with Chancemakers that makes the latter produce huge amounts of cookies. Kinda like early betas with Chancemakers, when they had a synergy with Prisms that made Prisms ridiculous.
  • The Mice clicking mice synergy (Cursors/Fractal engines) in 2.013 beta does not boost cursors. Suspected code error behind spoiler. (Spoiler) EDIT: Also, contrary to the behaviour of the achievements for finding eggs and cookies, the season indi…
  • Export often, export regularly. I have a text file full of saves going back a long way and I regularly copy it to a memory stick.
  • Eh, I think the slow-growing plants are powerful enough that I'd rather the default behaviour be erratic growth. The heavenly upgrade could possibly have a switch that you can set on ascension to switch between erratic and smooth growth (which you c…
  • Juicy queenbeets can't be planted, and given how you have to plant Queenbeets to grow them it's impossible to get more than four growing at any one time. And anyway the effect-decreasing effects only impact continuous effects (like CpS boosts/reduct…
  • There are a few reasons to harvest mature plants: 1. There are achievements for harvesting 100 and 1,000 mature plants. 2. You have to harvest a mature plant to unlock its seed. 3. There are some plants that give rewards upon harvesting that they…
  • Fern tea is also not a cookie.
  • Well, 4.5% of backfires are Cursed Finger, Elder Frenzy, or Sweet, all of which are positive, and 10% are Blab, which is only really negative in that you've used up a good chunk of your magic to get it. 1.366% of successes are Blab, or about 5 in 36…
  • Is it "blab" off regularly-spawned Golden and Wrath Cookies, or from Force the Hand of Fate?
  • I think this is intentional. You have to buy your buildings to get the achievements.
  • Yeah, but with Juicy Queenbeets there are at most four spots where they can appear (so 12 chances with Wood chips), with Wheat slims you can have 36 per shot.
  • In any individual plot, you're as likely to get Juicy queenbeets as you are Duketaters... just that you can have a lot more open plots for Duketaters than you can for Juicy queenbeets.
  • Juicy queenbeets... welcome to save-scumming.
  • It is not vulnerable. It's still worth surrounding with Elderwort IMO.
  • You can also open multiple tabs and refresh all of them. (Chrome doesn't have it by default but you can get extensions to enable the capability.)
  • well, YOU'RE NOT WRONG... but you may as well just cheat in infinite cookies at that point :V I'm pretty surprised orteil didn't patch that out already, he commented on a reddit post about it weeks ago It's also the ideal mid-game setup. And the…
  • The actual ideal end-game setup is Cheapcaps/Earth Shatterer.
  • Elder Frenzy and Cursed Finger have the same chance off a FtHoF backfire. Sugar lumps are 3% as likely as either of those.
  • Yeah, the aging and effect modifiers don't recompute after planting, harvesting or growth (if your plant affecting such moves from one stage to another on a tick) unless another tick goes by or you refresh.
  • Or a Click Frenzy for some Godzamok action. Or an Elder Frenzy for either.
  • That's a Cookie Storm Drop. It's like the cookies you get during a Cookie Storm. You get between 1 to 7 minutes' worth of CpS.
  • There's actually something in the code about Gatling Fingers being a challenge mode. Maybe some day...
  • Try naming yourself Ortiel. It's -2% to CpS.
  • No, the x% chance of growth is how it works. Sometimes the RNG just hates you. (Spoiler)
  • Juicy queenbeets have an 8% chance (absent Elderwort or Ichorpuff effects) of growing on any given tick. The figure you're seeing is probabilistic.