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  • And the costs and effects "table" is behind this spoiler. (Spoiler)
  • Seed "table" behind spoiler. (Spoiler)
  • I see nothing indicating that it would (though you do have to repurchase it each time and their costs are dependent on CpS). But even if it did for some reason (I haven't unlocked the entire seed log yet), having the Seedless to Nay achievement make…
  • so only way to get to 6x6 garden is to buy 600 farms? that's a bit costy. Nope, you just need 45 sugar lumps. You do want 300 Farms to unlock all the soil choices, but that's nowhere near as big an ask.
  • Don't forget that it is possible to get Cursed Finger from Force the Hand of Fate and take advantage of those minimum costs. EDIT: Though I think my strategy's going to be to try to get four Juicy queenbeets growing (you can do it with a 5x5 plot),…
  • Just to note, 2.0105 and 2.0106 are largely cosmetic updates, with a few small changes to CpS achievement thresholds, flower maturation times and flower spawn rates. Probably could've used a few more days in beta, though.
    in V.2.01 Live Comment by dpareja April 21
  • Anyone know if Green yeast digestives boosts Residual luck? No. It maybe should, but for now it doesn't.
    in V.2.01 Live Comment by dpareja April 20
  • Note, however, that completing the seed log requires level 3 Farms.
  • Not until 2024 at least.
    in V.2.01 Live Comment by dpareja April 19
  • I think there are some ways to go about it, but I'm not well versed in them. My advice is to regularly export your save (as in, multiple times per day is how often I export it).
  • I use them for 'looking ahead'. Sometimes. *Ahem* Ah yes. Looking ahead. I'm generally content to use other methods for that.
    in V.2.01 Live Comment by dpareja April 19
  • ^^ What are these "cookies dropped by plants" that you refer to? Seven plants have a chance of dropping a cookie when you harvest them while mature. The change from 2.01 to 2.0102 was that in the former, they had a decent chance of unlocking but y…
    in V.2.01 Live Comment by dpareja April 19
  • You need a 3x3 plot to complete the seed log. Also, there are only two immortal plants, Elderwort and Everdaisy, and the latter only gives benefits within the minigame. If you want to treat the Garden as fire-and-forget, you'll have to get all the …
  • Once you've unlocked all 34 seeds, you'll get an option to sacrifice your garden to the sugar hornets. It'll wipe your garden and your seed log and leave you only able to plant Baker's wheat. In return, you get 10 sugar lumps, the Seedless to nay ac…
  • The building CpS nerf was reverted anyway and moved to be a nerf for the top kitten upgrades. Kitten assistants to the regional manager is now equivalent to Kitten overseers, and Kitten marketeers is now equivalent to Kitten engineers.
  • Changes: Cookies dropped by plants remain unlocked in all future runs (as near as I can tell, anyway; I haven't ascended yet in 2.0102). To compensate, those cookies drop much more rarely (but you can still savescum for them). Also, one more such c…
    in V.2.01 Live Comment by dpareja April 19
  • Also, there's one plant (EDIT: actually at least two plants) that you literally cannot get without at least a 3x3 garden, so make sure to have Level 3 Farms. Plus there's an achievement for filling your garden, which requires Level 9 Farms.
  • Actually, there might be some small gameplay differences with regard to Mind Over Matter and Santa's bottomless bag, particularly as they relate to Christmas cookies. Incidentally, Orteil, if you're reading this, why is the drop rate multiplier (ta…
    in V.2.01 Live Comment by dpareja April 18
  • Initially, not that faint. You ideally want to get 300 Farms to have the Wood chips available. Some plants are an absolute b*tch to get, though.
  • If you've been playing the beta all the way through (to v 2.0066--yeah, Orteil went through something like 11 or 12 betas with the full farm of 34 seeds--you know your new feature might be too complicated when...), there are, as near as I can tell, …
    in V.2.01 Live Comment by dpareja April 18
  • It is a matter of chance, for sure.
  • Plant in a way that has two Baker's wheat around empty squares, as in these patterns: https://imgur.com/a/j6RDd
  • And this is why I'm not playing with the garden mini-game. Functionally, it's not actually a minigame, it's a whole other full game on its own. The garden's fun and all, in my opinion, but ultimately here's what you've got to do: unlock every se…
  • Supposedly, Wardlichen can be obtained by crossing Cronerice with either Keenmoss or White mildew, but I did not obtain it despite many attempts with Cronerice and White mildew.
  • Immediately sell back the building you just got from SE a few times. That will build your bank quickly.
  • I think you can get them to something like 20-25 seconds with the right garden.
  • White mildew and Brown mold don't work as described. White mildew is supposed to give +2% to CpS, but gives +1. Brown mold is supposed to give -2% to CpS, but gives -1.
  • So, spoilers about the garden updates... (Spoiler)
  • They come the same way, but they are a little more frequent in the newer versions.