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  • Woah! Amazing! Well... I keep inspecting the treasure map if it contains any other clue, or things that I can't understand yet. After that, I search some sharp rock in the beach with the form of the head of an ax (or kind of, you know)
  • I want to know well everything in my island, so I walk every meter of it. Watching the type of trees, bushes, kind of environment and looking to the horizon if I'm able to see something
  • Now I go to the beach to collect some sand and put it in the nearest banana tree. With all the tree stem ropes that I just made I climb that tree and drop the bananas into the sand, so they don't get crushed
  • Hm, this will take some time... Instead of making ropes from leaves, I remove the cortex of the fallen tree and with the scimitar cut all the strips I can from the center of the stem to use them to make ropes!
  • With all the large leaves, I make thin stips, and use the strips to make ropes! Then, I put the ropes inside the chest and go to find more giant leaves in the island
  • Finally! Now I search if there's some medium stones in my position and put them around the bonfire. Then, I remove the biggest leaves (the really big ones) from the tree that I chopped
  • One more try! But this time, blowing when I see some smoke
  • Oh, unlucky! I go to wash my hands in the sea, to cure them. When my hands are dried I replace the burnt stick with a good one and try again!
  • It's night! Oh Lord it's really cold! I search some sticks and dry leaves near the chest and put them 2 meters away from it. I select the most straight sticks and rub them to start a bonfire
  • Oh, that was short! Well, now that I know the island, I chop one of the trees with my scimitar (if there's one banana tree without bananas, I chop it, if it's not, I chop any of the banana trees) and take it near the chest
  • (You forgot to include the STR gained in the stats btw hahah) This is going well! Now I grab and wield the scimitar and go to explore the island, not all yet, but still a large area around the chest
  • Well, now I leave my scimitar nailed in the nearest tree and I take the chest with both hands to move it to mainland, away from the beach and near that tree (if the tree is too near the beach, I leave it a little bit further)
  • Nice! Now I remove the dust in the paper with a blow and inspect it
  • This died?:(
  • I try to open the chest very carefully
  • I'm kinda new on this things, but here I go! My stats: STR: 10 INT: 13 CH: 7 LU: 10
  • I think belief in the aftherlife is needed to build the mausoleum because the people makes a sacrifice in the name of some god, or unlike it would be an unnecessary colective suicide hahah. Also that action would mean born of religion (?) Could you…
  • That's right, there's no clarity about the territory you're using for different activities. You simply don't know from where you extract the resources yet
  • I think you're right. Human civilization started being nomad, so they must move from one territory to another, even before they use advanced language