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  • OK I've been trying this for like an hour. GC frequency does not rise enough for interesting combos to occur. At best I get about 72 %, nowhere near the 135-150 that was mentioned. This is not interesting.
  • How can we tell you what you're doing wrong, when you're not telling us what you're doing at all?
  • Ah, thanks. I understand it's indeed not even worth trying :)
  • 2 Tredecillions cookies in bank :o Oh well I have like 112 tredec after a week. But that's only because I sacked the Garden a week ago. Normally I would have about 1.5 Quattuordec in bank to maximize gains from a garden full of queenbeets :) Mi4…
  • Well, I might add to that: First: the Duketaters take far too long to mature, and stay mature for a relatively limited time. You may try but it's next to impossible to ever achieve a full garden of mature Duketaters (or even like 25-30 mature simult…
  • I have really never understood what use Godzamok would be at all. First: it lasts only 10 seconds, but it takes just about that to sell all your buildings. Plus: if you sell all your buildings, CpS is completely ruined. Big deal 1 % extra :'( What…
  • I'm playing at 375 Bn, ascending would propel me to 419 Bn.
  • Oh nice. I've had that switch turned off for years :)
  • I don't use the garden for sugar lumps. Just not worth it. What you need is the Queenbeets and the Duketaters. I had hoped for a new Sugar lump yielding mechanism in the latest V2.0109 though.
  • I'd like to see the list of muted buildings in the bottom of the screen, not the top. Kinda sits in the way where it is now. Also: I keep mistaking the image of the muted grandma for a growing (or even fading) GC that I "need" to click (fast). It…
  • Yeah shit happens
  • Not really no. The most efficient ways to plant depend on the size of your garden. This Google doc sums it all up quite neatly: https://docs.google.com/document/u/1/d/e/2PACX-1vR-EfFZl71Y3q4-EPrXB9dZDu_3n6ZsT0KGxUPYfVJae8mj6OK2ame93TZUp8pfhjMsmE5PlZ…
  • I'd definitely take the Queenbeets for that. I found it takes at least a week of cross-breeding to get them otherwise. A week without the enormous cookie gains they give. The rest will spawn or be breeded sooner or later. But I'd need the queenbeets…
  • Alright, got the full collection. Now i do recall that you can keep a seed after sacrificing your garden by selecting the seed in your catalogue, then sacrifice and then plant it. Is that still true? And if so, i'll get to my actual question: Which …
  • Export often, export regularly. I have a text file full of saves going back a long way and I regularly copy it to a memory stick. I save that file on Dropbox :)
  • yep. Or, it's just not so seedy a seed as all the other seeds :)
  • IIRC you just can't plant Juicy Queenbeets. They spawn, or they don't.
  • 4. Harvesting some of the plants give a chance to unlock their upgrades: Baker's Wheat, Green rot, Bakeberry, Ichorpuff, Duketater, Drowsyfern and Elderwort have this.
  • No. If that were true, I wouldn't be in it for four years now LOL
  • CM's advice is correct. It IS the most efficient building to buy. Just wait for some more luck with Frenzy and Lucky and you may get there a bit sooner. Besides, an hour is erm... nothing. Later on in the game you will find yourself hunting for week…
  • Wow, indeed :D I feel pretty dumb now LOL
  • BTW Ichor Syrup does not appear in my list of puchased upgrades, now that I finally have it. Does anyone else have the same issue?
  • Ah, well. I didn't really register whether these blabs were from backfires, but yeah I guess so then.
  • You know if you get the green digestives first, your random drop prob increases? Then you can plant a field full of keenmoss and one baker's wheat and prob goes up to over 0.1 Wow. Had I known that before LOL. But I have it now, thanks ;) I'll use…
  • these Wheat Slims suck forever. I've had at least 3000 Bakers Wheats harvested in this ascension alone, and still no way it falls. It's not like my game is broken, I did see the elderwort biscuits fall after 80 of them or so. But Wheat slims just do…
  • I had it surrounded by duketaters since yesterday evening, had a lot of fun with them duketaters today :) JQB is still about half way. On another note: I just had my second Elder Frenzy off a backfired HoF. It does happen :)
  • just to be sure: a growing JQB is not vulnerable to contamination or takeovers by meddleweeds and all that junk, is it??
  • Wow, I must have been lucky. I was always playing on Fertilizer and once i figured out how to do it, I had it spawned in like 10 reloads or so?
  • great, I have it spawned now, thanks :) Still don't quite understand how this works though, but screw it :D
  • Yeah so that's exactly what I was doing. Like I always harvest Sugar lumps the moment they Mature, really. I'll just keep trying. Thanks anyway.