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  • If I have my entire grid filled with mature green rots, and I "Harvest all", do I get the random drop boost (to get Green yeast digestives) for every harvested mature green rot? Wish I thought possibility before I got green rot. Might have been easi…
  • https://coderpatsy.bitbucket.io/cookies/cookies.html
  • How long does it typically take for the Cookies Calculator to update after Cookie Clicker receives a big update?
  • I started a whole new virgin game in the beta version. I am still on the first run. I noticed that when my first sugar lump was "harvested" (i.e. dropped), the CpS did not change. This is different from how it was behaving before, when any unspent l…
  • Do any of the plants and stuff do anything while the game is closed? I was thinking of upgrading to level 9+, filling it all with Juicy Queenbeet, and get cookies offline (note, a tick doesn't start unless you are online, but it can finish a tick, w…
  • Slot Dotjeiess into the Diamond slot. Your replacement buildings are now 7% cheaper. Actually, that remark made me realise Dotjeiess is great for gardening! But mostly because of the -30% HC, because that means your CpS will be about 30% lower and…
  • How do I get the other Seeds? I only have 2 kinds. I have Level 3 Farms On the wiki's garden page, there is a link to a helpful google docs document that gives you recipes for crossbreeding, optimal planting configurations and other useful info.
  • My understanding is once you pick up a plant upgrade, you can ascend as much as you want and still have access to it without dedicating a permanent upgrade slot. Does that still hold true if I activate Sacrifice Garden?
  • I've been using the google document (that is on the garden page of the cookie clicker wiki) and I think I unlocked Keenmoss in a way inconsistent with that document. IIRC: I think I had 2 shimmer lilies next to each other and directly below each of …
  • Anyone know if Green yeast digestives boosts Residual luck?
  • Does Sugar baking work when the game is closed (the 1% bonus for unspent sugar lumps)? What about Sugar Craving (the once per game spend a sugar lump for a 1 hour x 2 bonus)? (I have Twin Gates of Transcendence and most of the things that require it…
  • Anyone know if that grandma reducing the sugar lump time heavenly upgrade helps if the game is closed?
  • Six more cookies than the beta, all 4%, for a total CpS gain of about 26.5%. Over v. 2.0042, that's 10 4% cookies and a single 1% cookie, giving (from those, not counting the heavenly upgrade that gives you a buff for unspent sugar lumps) a buff of…
  • There are some new heavenly upgrades. I don't have enough prestige to know much aside that one of them is called Sugar baking and it requires Stevia Caelestis. Sugar baking cost 2 mill prestige and gives you a percent boost to CPS based off of unspe…
  • I agree. I think there is scope for a few more achievements. Some I have thought of: - Absolute Neverclick - a whole run with no big cookie clicks at all. - A complete run without buying any cursors, or without buying any grandmas. These would …
  • So I decided to just record the time it took to recharge the spell casts. FtHoF needs a minimum mana of 23 to be cast (it unexpectedly rounds down) and takes 26m36s to fully recharge mana for a second cast. This requires 21 level 1 Wizard Towers. …
  • well double reindeers twice (still counting as 1 popped each time) and double cookies once (sadly it was frenzy and clicking booster). sadly it doesn't apply to sugar lumps (atm its up 1 building every 5th day). I still get 1 lump per day. As far …
  • Seems to be a bug, I'm not sure, but I've already harvested 130 sugar lumps, but noticed about a week ago that my current lump is sitting on a "31 days to reach maturity" and seems to not be decreasing. Version 2.0042 Edit: Idk what it was, but it…
  • What exploit? This doesn't seem like an exploit to me. Any chance I worded my post poorly? Edit: Getting access to Lucky day, Serendipity, and Get lucky through clicking a Force the Hand of Fate doesn't seem like any more of an exploit than getting…
  • I'd be surprised if there wasn't a max level. Getting to it might only be feasible with cheating, but at some point I assume there's a memory issue.
  • Honestly that source code doesn't really make sense to me. I suppose I'm more interested in if Shylight's commentary is still true.
  • As someone who usually has the game off, I'd like the magic to regen while it is off. Perhaps with a heavenly upgrade likes like the Twin Gates of Transcendence.
  • I think the mechanics of Grimoire changed (at least in terms of how much max mana a player has at a given time and how much mana a spell costs). Is Shylight's commentary still true? Also how is the max mana calculated? I think both how much Wizard …
  • My Antimatter condensers are currently giving me more CPS than my prisms and buying a new Antimatter condenser would cost less than getting a new prism. My prisms are higher level too. Edit: Never mind. Your suggestion has already been implemented
  • If wiping the save is risky I assume it's possible to mitigate the risk by keeping an unwiped save open (in another tab or window) until you think it worked right.
  • I've been having the same problem as SpookyMcSpookerton, or at the very least a very similar problem. I'm using a mac and Safari.