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  • Holy crap, that's some awful luck. You're swapping to wood chips first, right? Still, with odds this low, it's always possible to get some really bad rng. Yes, with woodchips. This is in Beta tho, so maybe the odds have been improved in the live…
  • 40? I/m averaging one JQB every 15 mins of reloading. The first one usually comes in at under ten minutes, but tonight took about 12 minutes for example..I just got my 4th JQB for the first time!! Took over an hour. Plus I get in the habit of refres…
  • I have NEVER had 4JQBs. The most I have gotten is three. Over one hour of savescumming later, I gave up on the fourth. Most recently I only got two in both the live and beta, bc the fuckers decayed so quickly that was the best I could do.
  • I have a level 6 garden, and I planted baker's wheat in a checkerboard pattern across my entire garden just to see what happened. Now, a few days later, I have mostly cronerice in only the top half, with one gildmillet. I had something like that …
  • So, what tricks have people found to temporarily decrease CpS? This is my list so far: - Clot/Rust/Cursed Finger - Unslotting a good deity like Mokalsium - Slotting Dotjeiess (-30%) - Slotting Cyclius at the right moment (up to -15%) - Naming yours…
  • No but plots overlap. The other 3 spaces you have free can also be in contact with 5 DT if they are arranged that way. If you put something else in there, that eliminates the possibility it can spawn. Sorry if that was unclear.
  • I see Shriekbulb can be gotten from 5x elderwort, does it matter if there's anything else in there as well, or does it need to be 100% elderwort. I've got everything else but this one is killing me. Edit: Same goes for with Duketaters. You don't…
  • Plot setups for crossbreeding
  • There is an achievement for harvesting 100 mature plants. Also one for 1000 plants, so keep harvesting
  • Just got the seedless to nay achievement. I feel so empty. Wait, what's with the sound switch? Golden cookie sound selector
  • I can't wait to sese what these Juicy Queenbeets look like. Well, they look identical to Queenbeets for the first 8 hours or so.
  • Yeah that happened to me too. I have taken to opening multiple tabs and running the game across them to increase the probability of getting the mutation, then freezing one of them when it's there as a backup and letting the others roam free.
  • So I got the 450 building achievements today using this exploit. I tripled my prestige using this. 1. Enable Krumblor's Earth Shatterer aura. 2. Plant as many cheapcaps as you can. 3. When they mature, switch soil to clay. 4. Buy up as many cursor…
  • I spent the past weekend at a friend's so I was able to play this game and get up to 19 seeds in the Live and 20 in the beta. However I'm about to head back home so I'll be offline for 3-5 days depending on how many nights I decide to spend camping …
  • if you're playing actively you're probably better off using something else like queenbeets. I think we're all playing actively at least until we can tick off the seed achievements. I've only got 13 so far :(
  • you don't surround the plants with elderwort, you surround the elderwort as the effect is 3x3. so for every 3x3 set you have 1 elderw and 8 duketaters
  • what would you all think about a soil type that minimizes maturation variance in growing plants? I think that would complement Clay or Pebbles nicely. Wouldn't elderwort contribute to this by reducing maturation time?
  • "There are no buildings to improve" is really annoying when you still have buildings not yet at the 400 mark. Getting tired of having 396 chancemakers only to have to sell and win a prism when I'm so close to the juicy payday of selling the last cha…
  • Wow this is so overwhelming. Having been sleeping in a tent for the past two weeks I have much to catch up on. Thanks everyone for your efforts to share the info around. Someone keeps mentioning the wiki guide, maybe link it here so we can have all …
  • Why do they decrease in value by ripening sooner? That's like saying money is worth less if you have a lot of it.
  • I am very unhappy I didn't wait for a suitable buff to harvest my BB field yesterday before leaving on my camping trip. I had enough internet at my first stop last night to see there was an update discussion on reddit, but not to run the game. Now I…
  • I was trying to get a frenzy to have up my sleeve for when I got an elder frenzy, Still never got one. Ended up with 2x building buffs stacked with a frenzy and got about 900duo for my 20 bakeberries so I was happy in the end.
  • Hey So I was wondering what the best way to buy buildings was - obviously buying whichever is the cheapest is not correct because some were made to just be more expensive and saved up for. But sometimes I feel like I go for either expensive or cheap…
  • That feeling when you go back to your field of BB and you forgot to freeze and there is just a few meddleweeds in there.
  • When is lucky not lucky? I'm trying to exploit the bakeberries with a frenzy/elder frenzy combo. Been clicking FTHOF for two hours. Had click frenzy, then lucky, lucky, lucky, lucky, lucky, lucky and just for a change, lucky. With some unluckies thr…
  • So in the next (or later) Beta, there will be 34 seed varieties. Here are some of the effects they will provide. You'll notice bakeberies are being nerfed to maximum 3% of your current bank. So exploit them now while you can! It is clear that mixin…
  • First you need Meddleweed, that spawns when there's nothing in the vicinity. (Typically.) When Meddleweed dies, it can leave behind Brown mold. When Brown mold matures, it very often spreads as White mildew. Oh right. So where they said meddlew…
  • It's white mildew I want, not meddleweed.
  • I was using fertiliser. I was following the planting strategy for the 3x4 plot below. I never got any weeds that I saw when I was checking in. Using the same planting strategy with woodchips and I'm spawning new seeds as expected. But I have just…
  • I'm struggling to get any of the weeds to generate. Is there a trick to it?