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  • MY SAVIOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Settle down. I am NOT the Messiah.
  • This one is from 1174 hours' play and with 22 heavenly upgrades - maybe that's close enough for you? Mi4wMDJ8fDE0OTgwNTI5MTQ5MTE7MTQ5NDAyMTMxNjQ2OTsxNDk4MjQ5Mzg5Mzg1O0hhbHzDpcK+wo4GfDIuOTc1NDA1NjgzNDMwNjU0NGUrMjI7MS4xNzM2MDA3MzYyNzIzODg3ZSsyNDs0MjA…
  • He hasn't got the emerald wrinkler yet... maybe he'll return and post when he gets that one. ;)
  • where do u get all the christmas-stuff? One of the items on the ascension screen is a "Season Switcher". Once you acquire that, the icons for Christmas season and several others will appear. All of them bring various goodies, but Christmas and Ea…
  • I found a mistake in the original post - now fixed. The time to stop buying buildings is when the time remaining is less than 0.0075T, not 0.15T. This makes quite a difference.
  • I started a second play of the game, partly to test my improved (I think) version of my spreadsheet and partly for something to do since there is very little to do in the late stages of the first game while waiting to ascend. Some interesting stats…
  • In the early stages of the game you get the impression that the rate of production is more or less exponential. That comes from the fact that you keep acquiring upgrades, each of which doubles the production of the relevant building. Once you get al…
  • ^^ You're looking different, adam. Had a make-over? :D
  • "egg" is the lamest thing in the game. A whole 9 cookies per second! My reaction on getting it and reading about it was "Never have so many waited so long for so little." Yes I know that's the base production rate and it gets increased by the overal…
  • Shouldn't Grandma also be consulted about whether she is happy for her image to be used in this way? :D
  • 106 acentions :-O OMG , hehe. Decillion??? i dont even know that number, LOL Most of those ascensions are for "dummy runs", i.e. short runs ascending with only one extra prestige point, so as to get the achievement for 100 ascensions, I am only …
  • Current stats: History up to the end of run 26 (currently on run 27, not counting dummy runs):
  • ^^ Geez, give the guy a break. He's a new member, he doesn't know that it's a hanging offence to post in a thread that's more than a month old.
  • I've never been able to get the sound to work, not that it bothers me. I know my PC sound works because I use it all the time to listen to music etc, but obviously it is not playing that particular sound file for some reason.
  • I thought the whole point was that you were supposed to watch the screen with an eagle eye if you didn't want to miss any golden cookies. Making it too easy kind of negates the point, and takes away the "game" aspect. Having said that, I don't hav…
  • That joke really takes the biscuit.
    in A question Comment by bob_32_116 June 4
  • I don't follow the 'don't buy buildings' thing. Buying buildings gives you primary momentum. I thought I had explained it fairly well, but I'll have another go: If you have Choc Egg unlocked, at the end of the run when you buy it it will give y…
  • 7675 hours wat The achievement should be called Goodbye Social Life Ha ha. That's 7675 hours the game has been running, not 7675 hours of my own time spent staring at the screen clicking. I'm not that far gone yet.
  • ^^ I have 6926 golden cookie clicks after a total of 7675 hours' playing time. I'll get the 7777 eventually, but I'm not bothered about hurrying for it. I certainly won't be striving hard for the one after that.
  • I think the occurrence of Bake Dragon Cookie where it is, is a misstep in the design of the game. It should be unlocked as soon as the dragon is hatched, at which point getting 50 of everything will be something to strive for. At present it's not un…
  • Funny how the first time you get Radiant Appetite it seems such a milestone. After a few ascensions you get blase about it. I find that I'm a couple of minutes into the run, happily buying 100 of this, 100 of that, and suddenly "Oh shit, I forgot to…
  • First ascension, I have decided, should be made when you reach 1.030301 quintillion cookies made. That will give you 101 prestige points and, more importantly 101 Heavenly Chips. The Permanent Upgrade slot will cost you 100 chips, but before buying …
  • I haven't looked at the save, but you should probably buy stuff. Yep, that's definitely the way to go.
  • Philanthropic donations from Bob, the famous cookie magnate, enable the Cookie Cutter Foundation, an organisation dedicated to helping cookie addicts reclaim their lives, to open Bob's House, a rehab centre for recovering addicts. On the first day …
  • OK, yes I was confused. It's not a shadow achievement, though I think it should be.
  • Do you mean "Shiny wrinkler"? I have never seen a golden wrinkler, only a couple of shiny silvery ones.
  • I agree. The only way to get Uncanny Clicker legitimately is to click uncannily quickly. I don't consider the way I got it (using a Linux command to generate a large number of pseudo-clicks) as being legitimate, but it's only a shadow achievement so…
  • All of the above is true. However I would say that, given that having ten wrinkers increases production six-fold, and having twelve wrinklers increases it by more than eight-fold, you need to be very clear about why you want to halt the grandmapoca…
  • Have a look at this quite long thread, from quite some time back: http://forum.dashnet.org/discussion/14876/when-to-pop-wrinklers#latest In a nutshell, there is no single answer to the question of how long a wrinkler should be allowed to persist b…
  • ^^ Oh well, I have not found it to behave as you describe, but maybe the bad behaviour will be fixed in version 2. :)