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  • Switch, Veil, the Garden slots, Sugar Frenzy and the Heralds don't. I don't think the Auras and Pantheon do either. However, Elder Frenzy does, and since there's no minimum time that you have to maintain that pace, it can get you the achievement, e…
  • Heralds don't count. Veil doesn't count. Switch doesn't count. Garden plants don't count. I'm not sure if the Auras and the Pantheon count. Basically, the huge, steady-state multipliers (the ones you can put in place and they stick around for m…
  • Don't know about when the game is closed, but whether you're connected to the net or not has no effect.
    in Heralds Comment by Maddie October 2018
  • To expand on that a bit, if you put something in the vault, you can either remove itfrom the vault before you finally buy it, or you can buy it without removing it. If you buy it without removing it, then in every ascension from then on, it will go …
    in v. 2.016 Comment by Maddie October 2018
  • Good. He's in a different place in the ring around the big cookie, but he's still there. Whew.
  • OK, I've got a shiny wrinkler working. Will I lose it if I go with the upgrade?
  • Is that formula also taking into account that the duketaters have a recurring cost to buy, but the doughshrooms don't - they respawn themselves for free? That's what piqued my curiosity. As a fire-and forget garden, planting a Crumbspore costs 8 …
  • If you didn't reload since the beta went live, you're still on the old version.
  • Specifically, each sugar lump you have waiting gives you 1% total CPS, up to 100 lumps/100%. Each level you boost a building increases that building's cps contribution by 1%, up to 10%. So the ideal strategy is to save up lumps till you have 100, a…
  • There are a couple of cps boosts that don't count toward the cps achievements, I believe. ... Ah yes, if you have the Golden Switch on, the cps you get from that doesn't count. Depending on how many of the Golden Cookie upgrades you have, the Gold…
  • Even playing absolutely clean, it;'s worth rotating Cyclius through the slots, or at least plugging him into the Jade slot at whatever your local time equivalent to Midnight GMT is and leaving him there for twelve hours. Then if you're going to be a…
  • No, a scriptblocker will stop the ad from running its scripts, but it won't stop it from trying to load. You need an ad blocker, so it doesn't even try. I use AdBlockPlus. Just use that and donate a bit to Orteil through the Donate button.
  • That's what ad-blockers are for.
  • Happened to me before as well. :)
  • Well, your building distribution is different. What about your garden, auras, and pantheon? are they the same as the last time?
  • Good points, Tumalu. Especially considering anyone running Win 10 can't prevent automatic updates and the accompanying restarts without tinkering with their registry files.
  • Cyclius's bonus path is kind of weird. It's not a smooth sine or parabola, quite; it's not entirely constant. But like I said, I didn't do the meticulous tracking of bonus to find out exactly what it is. Maybe I will someday, when I'm utterly bored …
  • Ooops. yeah, you're right.
  • Another way is to slot Vomitrax. Your building-based CPS goes down by up to 7% and all cookies are wrath cookies with a higher chance of a rust/clot/cursed finger.
  • By the way, for slotting/unslotting Cyclius: This is the approximate pattern of his effect. Notes: 1) The times are for my local time zone, but to figure your own, the starting point is midnight GMT. Adjust accordingly. 2) I didn't meticulously t…
  • What you got is called a Cookie Storm, and it can simply overload your browser (Chrome seems to be especially vulnerable) and bugger the save file the game keeps. (That's one of the reasons you want to save your progress as a file on your computer …
  • Chrome and CC do not play nice together. That's the long and short of it.
  • Don't forget that leveling up mines is good, too. They have a sizeable invisible result on your CPS due to the number of other buildings they have Synergies with.
  • Then you can't have four spots in a single 3x3 where SBs can spawn, and you have four arrays (the same one, rotated, actually) where you could have one possible SB and have three plots that won't affect it. 3 5 3 5 8 5 3 5 3
  • In a 3x3 square, you have 5 filled with DT or EW (but don't bother with EW since DT are 5x more likely to spawn it), leaving four empty plots for the spawn. If you then stick something else in those plots you reduce the likelihood of spawning by how…
  • The odds of finding another season cookie is dependent on how many you've already found, regardless of whether you've bought them or not. It sounds like the people who wrote Cookie Monster assume that there's no reason to not buy them as soon as you…
  • There are also a couple that you don't want to harvest: meddleweed has to die naturally to leave brown mold, and doughshrooms don't give you anything if you harvest, but explode into 3 minutes of CPS if allowed to die naturally.
  • There is an achievement for harvesting 100 mature plants. Baker's Wheats count for that. Otherwise, harvest only if you didn't get the mutation you wanted and don't want to wait out the decay period to try again.
  • The dungeons? They were basically abandoned some time ago. They aren't even available in the current beta and haven't been for a while.
  • Some ad blockers are more aggressive and less discriminatory that others. AdBlocker is, in my experience, one of the best, if not the best at playing nice with both other programs and interactive website content.